Supernatural Season 11 Predictions: This is the end

25 May

I’ve got many episodes of three shows  (Castle, Gotham and Grimm) before I’m finished with the 2014-15 TV season, but before I continue delaying them and  plunk a chunk of time into finishing one of my long-ignored posts, I thought I’d get something easy out of the way. So here’s what I think we’ll see in Supernatural’s 11th season this fall.  (Truth: Some of these will ideas probably make my 2015 NaNoWriMo story, which is about 90 percent of why I’m doing this post. In case I’m right, you know.)

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10 Things I’m Glad I Watched in 2014

18 Jan

The Media in Review post for movies gets a little long all ready (even in it’s short years), and it’s not all full of good things. So I usually spare commentary and  just do a list. But last year I decided to spotlight 10 things from it, and I’m doing it again, in no particular order.

1.  Jaws 2/3 (1978/1982): I know they get a lot of flack. Jaws 3, especially. And sure, the science is nonexistent, the effects probably didn’t even hold up then (Jaws 3, especially), and Dennis Quaid apparently didn’t even remember being in one of them (you guessed it, Jaws 3), but I had a blast. Jaws 2 made me care about the Brody family, and Jaws 3, made up for everything that was absolutely unreal by really following through on developing the Brody boys after the previous films. And if you’re going to accept the premise of a fact-defying, vengeful shark, they also manage to be reasonably suspenseful, too. I’ll wrap up with what I’m sure will be the most ridiculous film yet, Jaws: The Revenge, this year.

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Big Block of Cheese Day!

17 Jan

In case you missed it, as I apparently did last year, The White House is having a virtual Big Block of Cheese Day. Not sure what a Big Block of Cheese Day is? Let the cast of The West Wing reunite and explain it to you:

And just because a Big Block of Cheese post is not a Big Block of Cheese post without its original TWW inspirations:

The first speech:

– The West Wing, “The Crackpots and These Women”

And the second:

– The West Wing, “Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail”

Both of those episodes are great, and if you haven’t seen them, you should watch them. But first, take a moment and think of a question you might like to ask your White House. Then ask it Jan. 21 on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram with the hashtag #AskTheWH. And if you’re still not sure what’s going on,  you can read all about it here and see what times specific people will be answering questions. For instance, if you really want to know about climate, energy and conservation, you might ask your question from 1-2 p.m. (ET).


2014 Media in Review: I watch way too much TV

17 Jan

So, I didn’t see many movies at the theater last year, I read even fewer books, and my movies on DVD/Instant have taken a massive hit from their 2011 high of 74. And it’s probably because over the course of 12 months I watched 26 seasons worth of old TV. Granted, some of those were really short seasons, but still. That’s a lot of TV. Let’s take a look in the last official Media in Review post before next year.

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2014 Media in Review: New Movies

10 Jan

I was fortunate enough this year to see quite a few movies released in 2014, but five of the eight were on DVD. For the three I made the effort to see in a theater, read on.

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2014 Media in Review: Movies on DVD/streaming

8 Jan

My favorite category of the Media in Review series is the list of movies I watched on DVD/streaming. But before we get to the actual list, let’s look at some numbers.

In 2014, I watched 36 movies on DVD or streaming. That’s down seven from 2013’s total of 43, but only down two from 2012’s total. Of the 36, only 13 (36 percent) were rewatches, and 23 were new to me. I watched the most movies (six) in November (half of them were new to me) and zero in September.

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2014 Media in Review: My bookshelf is sad

7 Jan

Welcome to 2015! You know what that means: In addition to a whole new year of stuff, it’s time for the annual series of Media in Review posts. Let’s start by taking a look at the paltry number of books I read last year. Sadly, there are only two.

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Toby and Josh speak for me tonight

5 Nov

As my state re-elects three horrible people, this is how I feel:

angry ww gif

Source: The West Wing, 4.01: 20 Hours in America, Part 1

The context may be different, but I don’t even care. Have the video, too:

I think I’ve seen my new favorite show

7 Oct

Is it too early to call Gotham as best show of the season? Because, barring The Flash or season 10 of Supernatural being absolutely amazing, it’s certainly shaping up that way for me.

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Premiere week is almost here….

14 Sep

With so many new shows premiering soon (and some not for a frustratingly long time), I’ve updated the list of Fall TV that caught my eye. You can check it out here.

While I hate the long wait on Grimm and Constantine, I’m a little hopeful that Supernatural and Arrow don’t start up until mid October. Because, I’m not saying I’m going to binge on seaason nine and two, respectively, once they hit Netflix…but I’m probably going to end up doing that. And the more time between the past season availability date and the current season premiere date, the fewer episodes will have passed by the time I’m current. I figure, if I can start no more than four episodes behind, I’ll try to catch up/keep up live.

Rewatch news

I’m about five years behind on Criminal Minds, but now that it’s streaming, I decided to start a re/watch. I’d only ever seen a handful of season one episodes anyway. Just starting the aftermath of the Tobias Hankel episodes in season two.

The Smallville rewatch is still lagging. I started a post after season four, but it’s hard writing about the tangled mess that is the Luthor family. I’m partway through season five, but endeavoring not to watch anymore until the season four post is done. Which means I’m not actually watching it, I’m just letting it eat two spaces in my DVD queue. Along with some Chris Pine rom com (Blind Date) that I’m also not watching, because OMG TV is my life right now, apparently.


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