Another Look: Avengers – Infinity War

It took three viewings (twice in the theater, once at home with audio commentary), but I think I’ve finally come down on the side of Infinity War.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

If Mission Impossible 3 nailed it, Ghost Protocol built the house. To me, the fourth installment of the franchise really set the tone for what this series should be. All the action and spycraft fits with what I would expect to see out of these movies, and Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner add a humor that provides a balance that was lacking in the first movie.

And I’m glad I rewatched it, because I’m pretty sure I had been confusing parts of it with something else. Maybe a Bourne movie?


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2017-18 TV Wrap-up: The Beeboverse

Yeah, yeah. That trio of CW shows comprising DC’s Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow may officially still be known as the Arrowverse, But Cuddle Me Beebo, the lovable Elmo knockoff off that flew from the shelves, was a god for a little while and even sort of…you know, I can’t spoil it…but suffice to say that Beebo has made its presence known in two of the three series and has to exist in the third, since they’re all connected.

So, I’m calling it: The Arrowverse is now the Beeboverse, and I’ll fight you over it. But since it’s all so much better when we get along, let’s take a look at three shows that, even when they’re not perfect, never fail to entertain me.

beebo crop
Beebo loves you!

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