2018 Media in Review: New Movies

Last year, I saw so few movies at the theater, I just combined them with the movies I streamed or watched on disc. That was not the case this year. In 2018 I saw 15 movies, most of which fell under the action/adventure/superhero umbrella, but there were some dramas, comedies and even a documentary to round out the list.

Here are the five I enjoyed the most of all, followed by all the rest.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

If Mission Impossible 3 nailed it, Ghost Protocol built the house. To me, the fourth installment of the franchise really set the tone for what this series should be. All the action and spycraft fits with what I would expect to see out of these movies, and Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner add a humor that provides a balance that was lacking in the first movie.

And I’m glad I rewatched it, because I’m pretty sure I had been confusing parts of it with something else. Maybe a Bourne movie?


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