Heroes and future stuff

28 Aug

I surprised myself Wednesday, by watching an episode of Heroes…and then watching 9 over the next two days. I was mildly interested in watching its sequel series, Heroes Reborn, which premieres Sept. 24, but now I really am. We’ll see if that interest makes it through what’s shaping up to be a classic binge-watch.

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The Netflix Conundrum

29 Jul

There’s too much stuff to watch. The list of what’s coming and going from Netflix in August has been released, and fortunately there’s not a whole lot leaving that I want to watch. However, seasons 1-7 of Family Ties is officially leaving, which reminded me that once upon a time (probably around 2012), I was slowly making my way through that kinda preachy but fun 1980s Michael J. Fox sitcom.

And then I fell down a rabbit hole of remembering all the shows I was watching but have gotten behind on. And it’s not like I don’t want to watch them! I just kind of stopped. But the list is huge, and — much like when I plan to clean the kitchen — when I look at it, I just want to curl up into a ball and ignore everything. So I thought I’d make a list of where I left off on everything I was/am watching, and my dear friends and readers could help me prioritize.

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Just about everything I could ever say about Ant-Man is in this post

28 Jul

Last week, I took my dad to see Ant-Man for his birthday. I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel like I had a lot to say about it at the time. But since this week’s Screen Junkies Movie Fights included two Ant-Man rounds, I’ve given it a little more thought and in answering those questions, decided I may as well do a review and tack those questions to it.

antman logo

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Movie Fights: Star Trek versus Star Wars

17 Jul

Screen Junkies did their Movie Fights show from Comic-Con last week, and the format was different, with each fighter given a specific side to argue. That’s not as interesting to me (as a fight-from-home player, at least), so I wasn’t going to do my own post. But one moment stood out to me, so I thought I’d mention it.

In Round 2, the question was “Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?” Jeremy Jahns, fighting on the side of Star Wars said:

“The good thing about the prequels…they’re so separated, You don’t have to look at the prequels if you look at Star Wars. Star Trek, every other movie is not good. So it’s interwoven into it … you have to count them..You have to count the shit with the good. Star Wars, you don’t have count the shit. you can just count the good.”

Shortly after making that argument, the logic of it was called out, and sadly, Jahns didn’t really have an answer, and it kind of looked like he was admitting pulling that answer out of the air. But I get it!

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So far, Teen Wolf Season 5 is like the worst fireworks party

11 Jul

I’ve long been a supporter of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Even when a lot of fans were calling it “that cheesy show they love” I didn’t see it as anything other than a good show. Now, even for me, it did eventually start to feel a little nacho-flavored, but I still liked it. And I still like it, but three episodes into season five, and I’ve realized 90 percent of the reason I like it, is because of the core actors in it.

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Movie Fights: I’ll fight you on Terminator Genisys

6 Jul

This was an episode of Movie Fights that spoke to me. You can tell, because 90 percent of this post was done before I went to work Sunday afternoon. It features Terminators, superheroes and some great sequels, along with panelists Kristian Harloff, host of Schmoes Know Movie show; Mark Ellis, Schmoes co-host; and Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies. As always, I listen to the question, pause the video and type my answer, listen to the panel and pause to do follow-up thoughts. Then I pick a winner, which isn’t always me, but sometimes it is.

Let’s fight!

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Movie Fights: Why Black Widow should be in Spider-Man and FernGully is super-scary

5 Jul

I got a little behind on my Movie Fighting. Rather than spam Readers with a bunch of posts, here are some highlights from the three I didn’t get up in time. If you’re unfamiliar, Movie Fights is a Screen Junkies show hosted by Andy Signore on Youtube that brings in a panel of three people to debate nerdy questions about movies. For these posts, I listen to the question, type my answer, listen to the panel’s discussion and respond. And new to this post, I’m also going to pick who I think should have won the fight. Let’s go! Continue reading

Genisys is the Terminator movie I’ve been waiting for

2 Jul

Look, I realize that I love going to the theater, and it’s something I only do a few times a year, so sometimes the theater-high gives me rose-tinted glasses.  But I really think once that fades, Terminator Genisys will still shine as the first worthy sequel to the Terminator film franchise since 1991.

I’m keeping this review spoiler-free aside from what was shown in the previews. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the preview for Genisys, I highly recommend you go see the movie before doing anything else.

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Movie Fights: Real Genius, The A-Team and other underdog answers

9 Jun

I was a little late to this week’s Movie Fights (and if you don’t know what that is, check my first post about it), but better late than never.  Sunday’s video featured Michael Barryte of Belated Media (What if Star Wars Prequels Were Good?); Davis of Hair of the Warp Zone and Hal Rudnick, Screen Junkies show host.

As with last week, I listened to the question and gave myself a little bit of thinking time then three minutes of writing time*. Then I watched the fight and gave myself a minute and a half for follow-up thoughts before watching who won the fight on the show and moving on to the next one. I’ve done a little bit of cleanup on these answers  for spelling and whatnot but refrained from reworking them to strengthen or rethink my pick. What you see is basically what you get in four and a half minutes after a question was posed. So, let’s fight!

ROUND ONE**: What Current star should reboot an 80s movie?

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All I want from Teen Wolf

3 Jun

Season Five of Teen Wolf premieres June 29 on MTV, and while it’s a reasonably safe bet that I’ll enjoy it, I’ve also (almost) come to accept that it probably won’t give me what I want. What’s that? Aside from a beautiful union for Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski, only what it promised two years ago and alluded to once last year before not following up on it at all. Continue reading


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