Coulda been Star Wars, but instead: Jaws 4

I intended to spend my Wednesday FINALLY finishing the Star Wars: A New Hope novelization so I could have that post ready today, May the Fourth. But then I learned my job’s going away next month, and even though I have really mixed feelings on this book, I love Star Wars as a franchise and didn’t want to associate with a day of bad news.

So instead, I went home and watched Jaws: The Revenge, which I’ve had out from Netflix since August of 2016. I’d apologize to the other would-be renters, but in all honesty, you’re probably few and most people would say I’ve done you a favor.

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I really liked ‘Logan,’ but probably not for the reason you think

“Logan” earns its R rating.

It’s violent to a degree that isn’t just speeding down the highway of what viewers have come to expect from the franchise — it could have gotten off a few exits back and still been coarse enough to merit the rating that also allows for all the F-bombs it drops. It’s excessive to the point of being distracting in places, and the film itself has several moments that are nothing short of predictable.

And yet, for all of that and for all the effort that the paper-thin villains went through trying to manufacture mutants to be the perfect killing machines, there’s an undeniable humanity to “Logan” that goes far beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.


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The Leisure Time 2017 Movie Challenge

While my sister was trying to decide if she wanted to do the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge or the Book Riot one, and I was trying to decide if I even wanted to bother, we stumbled upon the idea of making our own similarly styled 2017 movie challenge. In this challenge, there are 26 categories that are as simple as “A black and white movie” to as complicated as “the first movie by the director of a movie you’re really into right now.” We’re not going to drown you in rules, so any movie that fits a challenge is good, but if you want to up the ante, make all of them a movie you’ve never seen.

We collaborated to offer some suggestions, and while we have similar tastes and generally agree on things, I’m sure this list also contains movies I would never watch and movies my sister would definitely never watch, so…good luck.

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