Agents of SHIELD thoughts and predictions (4.19)

I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD.  It’s a show that’s been able to reinvent itself with every season — sometimes every half-season — while still feeling like part of an overall whole.  But I’m really not loving this Framework story line. It definitely has its moments, some of which were on display this week, but in the grand scheme, I just don’t see it working for me.

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TV Update: I am so far behind…

I was pretty hopeful when this season started that I’d be able to keep up with all my shows, but that hope was clearly misplaced. I fell behind pretty early, and things are just starting to come back from winter hiatuses — or in the case of Grimm, just getting going. But did I used that hiatus time to get caught up?

No. Instead I wrote some fanfic, went to work, watched a ton of Youtube videos (mostly of people skateboarding), binged on Microsoft solitaire games, had family Christmas, blogged a little and snuggled the most demanding of demanding snuggle buddies.

This is Buster.

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TV Roundup: Everything’s the same; nothing will be the same

Well, my fall/spring TV season is officially over, and it’s pretty easy to say my three favorites of the year were The Flash, Agents of SHIELD and Arrow. In general, I felt like they all had strong seasons, and if I liked one, it’s easy to see how I’d like the other two, because they all had some awfully similar things going on. Spoilers here, obviously.

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Fall TV is almost upon us

Last year I made this post ridiculously early, so I suppose its only fitting it comes ridiculously late this year. After perusing TV Guide’s fall schedule and premiere calendar, I’ve worked up my own weekly list of of things to watch. My eye is mostly on returning shows and those of a superheroic bent, but a few new comedies caught my attention, too.

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2014 Media in Review: I watch way too much TV

So, I didn’t see many movies at the theater last year, I read even fewer books, and my movies on DVD/Instant have taken a massive hit from their 2011 high of 74. And it’s probably because over the course of 12 months I watched 26 seasons worth of old TV. Granted, some of those were really short seasons, but still. That’s a lot of TV. Let’s take a look in the last official Media in Review post before next year.

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Fall TV: Here we go again…

UPDATED: Adds premiere dates, Scorpion.

Last year I did this post much closer to the start of the fall TV season, but I’m trying to do a weekly post, and the other two posts I’ve got could use some time to simmer.  So here’s all the stuff that caught my interest from the network upfronts last week. Again, like last year, I’m sure it won’t all stick, but there are fewer shows I feel that way about.  All times are central time.
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Fall TV is almost here!

Last week, I spent a lot of time watching trailers and promos for the upcoming TV season, and I made huge list of things I’m going to try out, but really, it mostly all looks kind of lackluster. There are a handful of shows I really care about and am excited for, and most of the rest are only on the list because I like people who are in them. And apparently Disney, parent of ABC, owns my soul. I hope they keep it on a shelf next to Marvel and Lucasfilm.

The TV Guide website has a grid that puts ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and The CW programming head-to-head each day so you can better weep over a mass of shows that all happen at the same time (this is only a problem for me for a half hour on Thursday). It also has an alphabetized list that includes cable and premium channels and premiere dates. And lastly, there’s a calendar of premiere dates, so you can better appreciate just how crowded  Thursday, Sept. 26, and Sunday, Sept. 29, are. For real.

I don’t know what y’all are planning to watch (or at least give a shot) but here’s my “If I had all the time in the world” schedule. It includes links to trailers and promos for most new shows on the list. All times are central time.

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