Long Haul Index

Long Hauls were inspired by the site Mark Watches TV. The idea is to commit to an entire series (be it television, book or movie) and make a post for each installment.  The following is an index of what’s been done so far.

Journeyman (COMPLETE)
Summary: Dan Vasser gets tossed through time to help people while trying not to screw up his own present.

1.1 – Pilot

1.2 – Friendly Skies

1.3 – Game Three
1.4 – Year of the Rabbit

1.5 – The Legend of Dylan McCleen
1.6 – Keepers

1.7 – Double Down

1.8 – Winterland

1.9 – Emily

1.10 – Blowback

1.11 – Home By Another Way

1.12 – The Hanged Man

1.13 – Perfidia

Final Thoughts

The Star Wars EU
Summary: Follow Han, Leia, Luke and their families after the fall of the Empire.


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