2018 Media in Review: New Movies

Last year, I saw so few movies at the theater, I just combined them with the movies I streamed or watched on disc. That was not the case this year. In 2018 I saw 15 movies, most of which fell under the action/adventure/superhero umbrella, but there were some dramas, comedies and even a documentary to round out the list.

Here are the five I enjoyed the most of all, followed by all the rest.

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2014 Media in Review: I watch way too much TV

So, I didn’t see many movies at the theater last year, I read even fewer books, and my movies on DVD/Instant have taken a massive hit from their 2011 high of 74. And it’s probably because over the course of 12 months I watched 26 seasons worth of old TV. Granted, some of those were really short seasons, but still. That’s a lot of TV. Let’s take a look in the last official Media in Review post before next year.

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2012 Media in Review: Other Movies

Time for the longest list of the 2012 Media in Review series: Movies on DVD/streaming. But let’s get the nerdy math stuff out of the way first. (I should be better at math for how much I kind of like it.)

In 2012, I watched 38 movies. Of those, 13 (34 percent) were rewatches, and 25 were new to me. Surprisingly, dramas led the pack with 15 films (39 percent), followed by sci fi/fantasy/horror, which I thought would be the lead given its genre inclusiveness, at 12 (32 percent). Action-Adventure clocked in at six movies (16 percent), half of which were from Marvel films. Trailing was comedy with three movies (8 percent) and “other,” which is just where I crammed Dream A Little Dream and Dream A Little Dream 2, because they are bizarre movies that could go just about anywhere.

I watched the most movies (8) in May and managed to not watch any movies in March.

Age-wise, 28 movies (74 percent) were released in the 21st century. The newest films I saw were actually released in 2012 and apparently went to DVD very quickly (21 Jump Street and American Reunion), and 11 were released in 2011. Four were released in the 80s, and five in the 90s. The oldest movie I watched was 1967’s To Sir, With Love.

On to the list! Some movies I felt like talking about. Others I didn’t. Italicized titles are my repeats, and all include the year of release and genre.

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