Lethal Weapon should (maybe) have known when to quit

I just watched the season two finale of Lethal Weapon, and I really wish the last minute and a half hadn’t happened and this had been the series finale, instead.


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This Is Us, season 2 so far

This Is Us is a confusing show. Not because it’s hard to follow — in fact it’s remarkably easy to follow given how the flashbacks jump around to various points in time. No, it’s confusing, because it doesn’t seem to know what story it wants to tell. This post contains spoilers through last week’s episode 2.11: The Fifth Wheel and the  promo for tonight’s 2.12.

thisisus promo
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2017 Media in Review: TV edition

I may not have kept up with movies or books in 2017, but I sure did watch some old TV. Still not as much as last year, when I watched 13 seasons worth, but given how much new TV I’ve crammed into this year, getting through 9 seasons is saying something. (Probably that I don’t get out much, but that’s okay.)

Without further ado:

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Done with Discovery

Tonight, Star Trek Discovery will show its sixth episode, but it’s the first I won’t be worrying about watching any part of. Because last week was the week I realized I just didn’t care about this show to watch more than the first five minutes or so and my TV plate was too full to keep trying something I wasn’t really liking.  The worst part is that I still feel like Discovery is something I could like, but early strikes just killed it for me.

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Let’s Talk About: Space shows

Earlier this year, I expressed interest in The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s knock-off Star Trek show, and concern about it premiering during the same season as an actual new Star Trek series debuted. Did we need two new series about space-faring vessels and the crews that ran them?

Turns out, we kind of do. I’ve seen three episodes of each. Neither show is super-great-awesome, but neither is terrible, either. And while The Orville and Star Trek Discovery both owe their existence to the Trek franchise,  they also both scratch very different itches.

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