Agents of SHIELD thoughts and predictions (4.19)

I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD.  It’s a show that’s been able to reinvent itself with every season — sometimes every half-season — while still feeling like part of an overall whole.  But I’m really not loving this Framework story line. It definitely has its moments, some of which were on display this week, but in the grand scheme, I just don’t see it working for me.

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Journeyman is back in my life!

With tonight’s premiere of the latest entries in this year’s slew of time travel shows (Time After Time, where HG Wells chases Jack the Ripper, and Making History, a comedy about some friends who use a time machine made out of a dufflebag to galavant across the centuries), and the realization that this year marks 10 years since its premiere, I decided it would be a good night to point out that I HAVE JOURNEYMAN ON DVD!


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