Done with Discovery

Tonight, Star Trek Discovery will show its sixth episode, but it’s the first I won’t be worrying about watching any part of. Because last week was the week I realized I just didn’t care about this show to watch more than the first five minutes or so and my TV plate was too full to keep trying something I wasn’t really liking.  The worst part is that I still feel like Discovery is something I could like, but early strikes just killed it for me.

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Let’s Talk About: Space shows

Earlier this year, I expressed interest in The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s knock-off Star Trek show, and concern about it premiering during the same season as an actual new Star Trek series debuted. Did we need two new series about space-faring vessels and the crews that ran them?

Turns out, we kind of do. I’ve seen three episodes of each. Neither show is super-great-awesome, but neither is terrible, either. And while The Orville and Star Trek Discovery both owe their existence to the Trek franchise,  they also both scratch very different itches.

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Initial thoughts on Star Trek Discovery

I just finished the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

The short, unspoilery version: I had a lot of doubts after the first episode, because the main character was just super unlikeable, but it picked up a little in the second episode. Not enough for me to actually say I really liked it, but enough for me to want to keep trying it. Of course, the teaser for all the stuff to come did a much, much better job of enticing me. Because mostly? These episodes committed the sin of being deeply boring for at least 75 percent.

Spoilers from here on out.

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Teen Wolf Top 5: Episodes

The Teen Wolf series finale is upon us. Tonight at 8/7c on MTV, Scott and his pack fight their last fight, and I’m kind of sad about that. So, to ring in the last episode, let’s take a look at my top five episodes over six years of Teen Wolf. This was a really hard list to make, because while I was making it, I thought of a BUNCH of great scenes across all seasons. And some great scenes can definitely make good episodes, but they don’t always make the most memorably great ones.

But regardless here are the top five episodes of Teen Wolf I’d recommend to anyone. Spoilers within.

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Star Trek Enterprise: My new favorite?

I spent the last little while speeding through Star Trek Enterprise at the rate two, three and sometimes five episodes a day, and what I’ve come to realize is that — despite being a show I fell away from after its first season and didn’t pick back up until 16 years later — it just might be my favorite installment of the Trek franchise.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I grew up on The Next Generation in the late 80s to mid 90s. It has characters and episodes that I adore to this day. But it has a bunch of episodes I don’t love. Like, Worf’s cool and all, but Klingon honor gets real tedious, real fast. And please don’t throw me in an oil slick, but I never cared for Tasha Yar. And much as I adore Data, I’ve got to be in just the right mood for “Law & Order: Starfleet (Does Data deserve rights? Y/N)?”

On Enterprise, however, there’s not a single character I don’t like, and only a handful of episodes that risk losing my attention. Plus, I just really like what it brought to the franchise. Well, most of what it brought.

st ent

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“IT” floats downhill

2017 it posterThe latest adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” manages to do an interesting thing. It draws on different aspects of the novel than the miniseries that came before, making it seem like a more faithful adaptation that separates itself from its predecessor, but it also has notes of familiarity that fans of both the book and the miniseries can enjoy.

Unfortunately, it’s not a great movie. It’s not a bad movie, either! The story shuffles along from point A to B as Pennywise the Dancing Clown terrorizes and murders the children of Derry, Maine. Its scares are good and its humorous moments worth some laughs, and the the virtues of moving the setting from the 1950s to the ‘80s — and being an R-rated 2017 film rather than a prime time 1992 TV miniseries — add to the experience.

It’s just missing a lot of heart.

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Star Trek Enterprise: E2 (3.21)

So, what started as a general attempt to catch up and keep up with Mark Watches (because sometimes it’s nice to have more than myself to talk to) has become a full-on Star Trek Enterprise binge. And E2 (alternately E-squared) might just be not only one of my favorite episodes of Enterprise, but one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek ever.

It’s one of those that I watched it, immediately wished for fanfic and then was still thinking about it the next day. Unfortunately, still thinking about it the next day does bring some of its problems into sharper focus.

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