2019 Media in Review: Movies at home

I don’t really know what I did all year, but I didn’t watch very many movies at home. Only 14, down from 32 in 2018. Five (35 percent) were things I’d already seen. If you’ll bear with me while I get mathy for a moment, the 2010s was the most represented decade with 8 films (57 percent), followed by the 00s with 4 (28 percent). The 1990s and the 1970s had one each, and the most represented year was 2009. I watched the most movies (7) over the summer and no movies in January, February, May or September.

Here are my picks for Top 3 Movies at Home.

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2019 Media in Review: Movies at the Theater

The new year is upon us, and as such it’s time for the rounds of “What did I watch and read last year?” posts.  Let’s start with the 15 movies I saw at the theater in 2019.

Broadly speaking, I had a taste for adventure, with nine movies (60 percent) falling under that umbrella. Six were straight-up superhero films courtesy Marvel, Sony and DC. It just makes sense to me to see big actiony films on big screens. But I also caught a few dramas and one that ostensibly was horror but in fact really was not.

The following with comments (and review links where available but I wrote about shockingly few movies last year) are broken out into my Top 10 and Bottom 5.

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2018 Media in Review: Movies at Home

In addition to the 15 movies I saw at the theater in 2018, I also watched 32 movies at home, half of which were part of the Road to Infinity War MCU series. As such, only 9 movies (28 percent) were new to me. I started 2018 tracking release dates and genre and films by month, but as I raced through all the Marvel movies between February and April, everything started to blur together and eventually I just gave up on that. So, sadly, once again I can’t get very mathy.

Here are the Top 5 movies I’m glad I watched in 2018, the 5 I could have done without and a few miscellaneous things to wrap up my 2018 non-theater movie experience.

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2018 Media in Review: New Movies

Last year, I saw so few movies at the theater, I just combined them with the movies I streamed or watched on disc. That was not the case this year. In 2018 I saw 15 movies, most of which fell under the action/adventure/superhero umbrella, but there were some dramas, comedies and even a documentary to round out the list.

Here are the five I enjoyed the most of all, followed by all the rest.

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2017 Media in Review: Movie Edition

This wasn’t a great year for me in a lot of ways, but most relevant to this blog would be just how few movies I watched, the dismal progress I made in the 2017 movie challenge and the zero books read. I read a few fanfics — some even pretty long — but I didn’t finish a single book.

But, rather than wallowing over what wasn’t done, let’s celebrate what was! In 2017, I watched six movies at the theater (which is a big year for me!) and 11 at home. Those 17 movies are a 45 percent drop from the 31 I saw in 2016. Seven movies (31 percent) were repeats, and I guess that’s an improvement over last year’s 54 percent. Once again, I failed to keep up with the release year and genre, but maybe 2018 will be my year for the full-service media post.

So, let’s get to it! As always, films in italics were repeats, and this year, films with asterisks are also included with more detail in the 2017 Movie Challenge Final Tally.  Titles that are also links go to original reviews.

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