2017-18 TV Wrap-up: Supernatural

Most of my wrap-up from last season will probably fit in one post, but there’s kind of a lot I wanted to say about this 13th season of Supernatural, plus some season 14 predictions.


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TV Update: I am so far behind…

I was pretty hopeful when this season started that I’d be able to keep up with all my shows, but that hope was clearly misplaced. I fell behind pretty early, and things are just starting to come back from winter hiatuses — or in the case of Grimm, just getting going. But did I used that hiatus time to get caught up?

No. Instead I wrote some fanfic, went to work, watched a ton of Youtube videos (mostly of people skateboarding), binged on Microsoft solitaire games, had family Christmas, blogged a little and snuggled the most demanding of demanding snuggle buddies.

This is Buster.

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How’d those Supernatural predictions work out?

A little over  a year ago, as season 10 of Supernatural came to a close, I made some predictions for season 11.  I didn’t actually get to watch most of it as it aired, but I just spent the last week getting all caught up on Netflix. So, let’s take a look at what I thought would happen and what actually did.

Mostly I want to talk about the season, but I’m also going to keep score. So, here we go. Spoilers, obviously.

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TV Report: The cut list

So, the 2015-16 TV season is winding down, and I failed to post through most of it. Sorry, I was binge watching Leverage, Criminal Minds and now Star Trek: TNG/DS9 on Netflix. But as for live TV, a third of the shows I’m still watching have an episode left to go, so let’s look at a different aspect: The things I quit watching.

All told, I started the season expecting to watch or try out 15 shows.  Of those, I saw (or intend to see) six to the end. Three of the rest were nonstarters (Once Upon a Time, Scream Queens and Best Night Ever with Neil Patrick Harris). I thought I’d watch them and then just didn’t.  The other six, I stopped watching for a variety of reasons that run the gamut of “I just fell behind” to “I can’t devote one more second of my time to you, you horrible, shadow of  yourself show.”

So let’s talk about those.

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