2018 Media in Review: New Movies

Last year, I saw so few movies at the theater, I just combined them with the movies I streamed or watched on disc. That was not the case this year. In 2018 I saw 15 movies, most of which fell under the action/adventure/superhero umbrella, but there were some dramas, comedies and even a documentary to round out the list.

Here are the five I enjoyed the most of all, followed by all the rest.

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Mission: Impossible II really is a shame

You know, it’s a little sad. I can kind of see where a decent movie could have come out of M:I-2. It still wouldn’t have been a Mission: Impossible movie, but it wouldn’t have been the snooze-fest that this is.


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2016 Media in Review: Old TV

2016 Media in Review is winding down. I watched a fair amount of movies last year, but for the first year in a while, I found myself too far behind on current TV shows to keep up with all of them. I ended up waiting until the seasons were over to see all of Gotham, Supernatural, and I’m only just starting to work my way through last season of Grimm. And honestly, binge-watching these older shows is mostly why.

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Don’t do what you’re doing, Netflix

Yesterday I had a rare Saturday evening off work. But did I spend it catching up on the sea of current shows I’ve fallen behind on, continuing binge watches of shows that haven’t had new episodes in years, read a book or clean my house?

No, I spend the better part of the evening trying to figure out what had gone so wrong with Netflix and why nobody else was talking about it.

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So far, Teen Wolf Season 5 is like the worst fireworks party

I’ve long been a supporter of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Even when a lot of fans were calling it “that cheesy show they love” I didn’t see it as anything other than a good show. Now, even for me, it did eventually start to feel a little nacho-flavored, but I still liked it. And I still like it, but three episodes into season five, and I’ve realized 90 percent of the reason I like it, is because of the core actors in it.

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