Long Haul: Journeyman wrap-up

Thirteen episodes and six weeks to the day of starting the Journeyman Long Haul, I finished it. So, how did it hold up in the years since I last saw it? What were the plans had it not been canceled, and were those plans a good idea? The final wrap-up is here, but first, a gag reel:

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Long Haul: Journeyman 1.12 — The Hanged Man

In this episode, Dan loses a digital camera in 1984 causing him to lose his son in 2007.

I just watched The Terminator and Terminator 2 on Halloween, so The Hanged Man was perfect for my frame of mind. Dan’s mission revolves around getting the camera back, and it’s interesting enough, but once again, the real fun of the episode centers on the 2007 happenings.

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Long Haul: Journeyman 1.6 — Keepers

In this episode of Journeyman, holy character parallels, Batman!
Keepers has Dan traveling back to ’86, where he meets Michael Kowalchuk and his little brother Stephen, who’s kind of a genius. But somewhere between then and now (or, 2007’s “now”, but you know what I mean), Stephen went off the rails and became a kind of crazy, conspiracy-theorist serial bomber responsible for the deaths of at least two people. Throughout the episode, we learn that Michael — while originally quite antagonistic with with his little brother — cares so much about him, but is helpless when it comes to trying to help him. And we see sort of the same thing with Jack.

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