2017 Movie Challenge: Final Tally

Last year, my sister and I decided to create a 2017 Movie Challenge reminiscent of the ubiquitous book challenges that list so many categories of books and challenges people to  find and read stories that fit each category.  We thought movies would be easy and set the bar low at 26 — just one movie every two weeks.

I don’t know how she did or if anyone but us played, but of the 26 categories, I completed five. Buuuut…I also binged some Star Trek movies, and that’s got to count for something, right?

movie challenge

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoiler-filled, flailing, talk about everything edition)

Okay, so this is the post for talking all about all the things that happened in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There are spoilers here. Like, a  lot of spoilers. If you want a spoiler-free, general review,  I’ve got you covered. But this is not that.

So read this at your own risk. (And then talk to me about it, because I just really want to talk about Star Wars, okay?!)

Once again, spoilers.

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Done with Discovery

Tonight, Star Trek Discovery will show its sixth episode, but it’s the first I won’t be worrying about watching any part of. Because last week was the week I realized I just didn’t care about this show to watch more than the first five minutes or so and my TV plate was too full to keep trying something I wasn’t really liking.  The worst part is that I still feel like Discovery is something I could like, but early strikes just killed it for me.

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Let’s Talk About: Space shows

Earlier this year, I expressed interest in The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s knock-off Star Trek show, and concern about it premiering during the same season as an actual new Star Trek series debuted. Did we need two new series about space-faring vessels and the crews that ran them?

Turns out, we kind of do. I’ve seen three episodes of each. Neither show is super-great-awesome, but neither is terrible, either. And while The Orville and Star Trek Discovery both owe their existence to the Trek franchise,  they also both scratch very different itches.

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Initial thoughts on Star Trek Discovery

I just finished the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

The short, unspoilery version: I had a lot of doubts after the first episode, because the main character was just super unlikeable, but it picked up a little in the second episode. Not enough for me to actually say I really liked it, but enough for me to want to keep trying it. Of course, the teaser for all the stuff to come did a much, much better job of enticing me. Because mostly? These episodes committed the sin of being deeply boring for at least 75 percent.

Spoilers from here on out.

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Teen Wolf Top 5: Episodes

The Teen Wolf series finale is upon us. Tonight at 8/7c on MTV, Scott and his pack fight their last fight, and I’m kind of sad about that. So, to ring in the last episode, let’s take a look at my top five episodes over six years of Teen Wolf. This was a really hard list to make, because while I was making it, I thought of a BUNCH of great scenes across all seasons. And some great scenes can definitely make good episodes, but they don’t always make the most memorably great ones.

But regardless here are the top five episodes of Teen Wolf I’d recommend to anyone. Spoilers within.

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