Avengers – Infinity War (spoiler free)

avengers 3 logoGiven that I watched five movies in two days just to be all caught up/reviewed for Infinity War, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I love the MCU. Even the one movie I legitimately don’t like has good things in it.

And I think it’s 18 films’ worth of adoration for these characters that left me liking Infinity War. It’s full of amazing moments that are poignant and shocking. There are great character beats, and it handles its frankly enormous cast extremely well.

But I also walked out of the theater feeling a little underwhelmed. I’m hesitant to really expand on that here, because I really feel like this is a movie that’s almost impossible to talk about without spoiling something. And I don’t want to spend a week and a half figuring out how to not do that just so I can ultimately say “I need to see it again, because that was a lot to take in. And I need Avengers 4 to be here now so I can put everything that happened into context.”

Really, about the only thing I feel confident saying is that if you like the MCU, you’ll probably like this movie (but maybe not think it’s the best thing ever omfg). If you just tag along with people who like the MCU but you don’t really care about it…it might not be a good time for you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post full of spoilers so come back then and dish with me, won’t you?

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