Long Haul: Journeyman 1.6 — Keepers

In this episode of Journeyman, holy character parallels, Batman!
Keepers has Dan traveling back to ’86, where he meets Michael Kowalchuk and his little brother Stephen, who’s kind of a genius. But somewhere between then and now (or, 2007’s “now”, but you know what I mean), Stephen went off the rails and became a kind of crazy, conspiracy-theorist serial bomber responsible for the deaths of at least two people. Throughout the episode, we learn that Michael — while originally quite antagonistic with with his little brother — cares so much about him, but is helpless when it comes to trying to help him. And we see sort of the same thing with Jack.

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Long Haul: Journeyman 1.1 – Pilot

Welcome to the first Long Haul of The Leisure Time Blog.  Unlike Season Rewatches and Series in Reviews, which do overviews of a complete season or series, Long Hauls are episode-by-episode looks at series that I either love, haven’t seen all of or just flat-out haven’t seen.

And we’re starting with one I love that premiered five years ago today: Journeyman

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