Teen Wolf Top 5: Episodes

The Teen Wolf series finale is upon us. Tonight at 8/7c on MTV, Scott and his pack fight their last fight, and I’m kind of sad about that. So, to ring in the last episode, let’s take a look at my top five episodes over six years of Teen Wolf. This was a really hard list to make, because while I was making it, I thought of a BUNCH of great scenes across all seasons. And some great scenes can definitely make good episodes, but they don’t always make the most memorably great ones.

But regardless here are the top five episodes of Teen Wolf I’d recommend to anyone. Spoilers within.

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Teen Wolf Tuesday: After Images (6.13)

“Who’s the little fear demon? Come on, who’s the little fear demon?”

“Don’t taunt the fear demon.”

“Why? Can it hurt me?”

“No, it’s just tacky.”

-Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) and Xander (Nicholas Brendan), Buffy The Vampire Slayer, “Fear Itself”

I try not to compare and judge Teen Wolf to other supernatural teen shows, but I couldn’t stop the above Buffy exchange from jumping full-force into my brain while watching “After Images.”

teen wolf

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Red alert: Teen Wolf is back tomorrow!

This Sunday, Teen Wolf will air the first of its final 10 episodes, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it just might be a return to form. It looks like characters that have been gone for years are re-appearing and villains with ever-increasing levels of ridiculousness are being traded for a much more human threat.

Of course, I’ve been burned by Teen Wolf before. Frequently and recently

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