Odds and Ends: Or, what I’ve been doing all summer other than not writing blog posts

So, I’ve had a time of it. It’s been just over two months since my last post, and in that time I’ve lost a job, got a new job, packed up my apartment, made what felt like a half-dozen trips between Oklahoma and Kansas, exhausted the data on my phone twice and stared in utter bewilderment at the piles and piles and stuff I now have to find a new place for.

And somewhere in there I dug my heels in with my internet provider until we reached an agreement on acceptable pricing.

The point is: I haven’t been watching a whole lot or really doing much an anything that warranted posting over unpacking, sleeping or snuggling my cat.  But I’ve had internet again just long enough for some random observations about a few shows.

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The Twitter Collection vol. 2


I intended to have a character study of Teen Wolf’s Peter Hale this week, but I don’t. And since I don’t want to break my post-a-week streak this early into the year, I’m reviving The Twitter Collection, a look at what you’re missing if you don’t follow @theLTtweet.

Given that it’s 2017, I’ve had the account since 2013 and have a grand total of 425 tweets, it’s probably safe to say you’re not missing much, but I’m trying to do more. For instance, sometimes I talk about the things I do not regret in the slightest.

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TV Update: I am so far behind…

I was pretty hopeful when this season started that I’d be able to keep up with all my shows, but that hope was clearly misplaced. I fell behind pretty early, and things are just starting to come back from winter hiatuses — or in the case of Grimm, just getting going. But did I used that hiatus time to get caught up?

No. Instead I wrote some fanfic, went to work, watched a ton of Youtube videos (mostly of people skateboarding), binged on Microsoft solitaire games, had family Christmas, blogged a little and snuggled the most demanding of demanding snuggle buddies.

This is Buster.

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Let’s talk about: Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is four episodes into its sixth and final season, and I have thoughts and theories. Some of them are flat out contradictory. Some of them evolved and changed as episodes progressed. But really I just want to talk more about Teen Wolf, because for everything it’s gotten right and everything it’s gotten wrong over the past five years, it’s one of the few shows I’ve never fallen behind on (unlike pretty much every other show I’m watching this season).

This post contains spoilers through last week’s 6.04 Relics and speculation for the rest of the season.

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When do you quit a show?

As I was trying to condense my thoughts on Tuesday’s Teen Wolf into a tweet, I realized they weren’t terribly positive thoughts. Because let’s be real, this week’s episode was basically 44 minutes of nothing happening. Or at least 44 minutes of nothing happening that moved the story beyond a point we already knew existed because we saw it in an ill-advised flash forward weeks ago.

Which raises the question: At what point do you give up on a show and stop watching it?

I’ve learned over my lifetime of TV watching that a show has to do two things to make me leave:

  1.  Give me stories that I hate.
  2.  Ruin or underuse characters I love to the point that they can’t make up for the stories that I hate.

Teen Wolf, while I haven’t been wild about the stories or the telling of them in the past two years, hasn’t done both of those yet. Sadly, ABC’s Castle has.

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I’ve come to a Teen Wolf realization

When I woke up this morning, first I was pissed because it was so early, but that feeling was quickly replaced by glee, because a new Teen Wolf was waiting for me! (And then frustration as I remembered why this is the last season of TV I will ever by on iTunes when I no longer have Apple products.)

But season five, and these first couple episodes of 5B, especially, have led me to a realization: This is no longer a show that can be watched week-to-week if the story is the only thing bringing you in.

It’s still serviceable if you like great character moments for the original cast sandwiched between a parade of mostly wooden Abercombie models, plus Khylin Rhambo’s Mason, who’s stealing the show from the newcomers in the best way. And long-term, I feel like there’s probably a good story in there, but this season is so convoluted with flashforwards and flashbacks and a merry-go-round of characters that all look eerily similar coming and going that I don’t have a clue how anything fits together from scene to scene anymore. And a week between episodes certainly doesn’t help that.

But unlike the cluster that was season 4, I have hope that a binge watch — possibly part of a complete series rewatch — will make it all worthwhile.

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