2018 Media in Review: Movies at Home

In addition to the 15 movies I saw at the theater in 2018, I also watched 32 movies at home, half of which were part of the Road to Infinity War MCU series. As such, only 9 movies (28 percent) were new to me. I started 2018 tracking release dates and genre and films by month, but as I raced through all the Marvel movies between February and April, everything started to blur together and eventually I just gave up on that. So, sadly, once again I can’t get very mathy.

Here are the Top 5 movies I’m glad I watched in 2018, the 5 I could have done without and a few miscellaneous things to wrap up my 2018 non-theater movie experience.

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2018 Media in Review: New Movies

Last year, I saw so few movies at the theater, I just combined them with the movies I streamed or watched on disc. That was not the case this year. In 2018 I saw 15 movies, most of which fell under the action/adventure/superhero umbrella, but there were some dramas, comedies and even a documentary to round out the list.

Here are the five I enjoyed the most of all, followed by all the rest.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

If Mission Impossible 3 nailed it, Ghost Protocol built the house. To me, the fourth installment of the franchise really set the tone for what this series should be. All the action and spycraft fits with what I would expect to see out of these movies, and Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner add a humor that provides a balance that was lacking in the first movie.

And I’m glad I rewatched it, because I’m pretty sure I had been confusing parts of it with something else. Maybe a Bourne movie?


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Movie Fights: Real Genius, The A-Team and other underdog answers

I was a little late to this week’s Movie Fights (and if you don’t know what that is, check my first post about it), but better late than never.  Sunday’s video featured Michael Barryte of Belated Media (What if Star Wars Prequels Were Good?); Davis of Hair of the Warp Zone and Hal Rudnick, Screen Junkies show host.

As with last week, I listened to the question and gave myself a little bit of thinking time then three minutes of writing time*. Then I watched the fight and gave myself a minute and a half for follow-up thoughts before watching who won the fight on the show and moving on to the next one. I’ve done a little bit of cleanup on these answers  for spelling and whatnot but refrained from reworking them to strengthen or rethink my pick. What you see is basically what you get in four and a half minutes after a question was posed. So, let’s fight!

ROUND ONE**: What Current star should reboot an 80s movie?

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