Journeyman is back in my life!

With tonight’s premiere of the latest entries in this year’s slew of time travel shows (Time After Time, where HG Wells chases Jack the Ripper, and Making History, a comedy about some friends who use a time machine made out of a dufflebag to galavant across the centuries), and the realization that this year marks 10 years since its premiere, I decided it would be a good night to point out that I HAVE JOURNEYMAN ON DVD!


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2012 Media in Review: TV

Before I get into all the old TV I watched last year, here’s a reminder that 1600 Penn, the sitcom set at the White House, premieres tonight at 8:30 (central time) on NBC. I am crazy excited for it, and I hope I don’t end up feeling stupid about that. But anyway, on with the post:

I watched so much TV in 2012, and am looking forward to more in 2013. This isn’t a list of current-season things I watched, but rather a list of mostly older shows on DVD or streaming. And just to be straightforward an honest about it, I’m going to say right now that I crammed 20 seasons worth of TV into a 12-month period. But before you start giving me the side-eye, let me explain! They weren’t ALL full, 20+ episode seasons. Okay, 18 of them were, but still: if you factor out commercials, each episode runs about 44 minutes. If you watch three episodes, you’re looking at not quite 2.5 hours of time. So it’s about the length of one long movie. So, even if you only watch one long movie a week, that still sets you up to finish a season of TV in about a month and a half. If you watch two — one on each day of the weekend — you’re looking at a month per season. Less if you sprinkle an extra episode here and there throughout the week.  Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a couch potato, and this should come as no surprise to anybody who knows me.

This is also the last list of the bunch, so let’s get to it.

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The Next Long Haul

I had a lot of fun doing the Journeyman Long Haul project. It took me a while to settle into a style where I was neither recapping the episode scene-by-scene nor just blathering my opinions all over the place with very little context, but I think I figured it out about midseason. And I’m still not sure if it helped or hurt that Journeyman is one of my favorite shows, and I’ve seen it a lot.

Perhaps I’ll get a better idea of that next week, when I start watching the Sci-Fi (excuse me, SyFy) series Eureka. I’ve only seen the pilot when it aired in 2006, and I only actively remember about 5 minutes of it. The only other thing I know is that at one point a character dies (I know the name but not the role the character plays in the universe) and it upset a lot of people. But I’m also not sure how permanent deaths are on this show. So. Should be interesting.

While the Journeyman project was a Monday/Wednesday/Friday deal, I’m going to knock Eureka back to Tuesday/Thursday. The MWF schedule, combined with a 40-hour workweek kind of made me feel like Long Haul posts were all I was doing with my time. And there are other things I’d like to do (and write about). But be sure to check back Tuesday for the first Eureka Long Haul post. If you haven’t seen it either, or would like to watch it again, it looks like the first three seasons and part of the fifth are on Hulu, and Netflix has seasons one through four.

If you have seen Eureka, please don’t spoil me. Seriously.

Lastly, if you’re new to Leisure Time or missed a post along the way, I’ve updated the Long Haul Index (and they’ve mostly all been Long Haul posts) at the top of the screen, which  links to all of those, or if you’d like previews of each one, you can click the Long Haul category to the right and scroll through at your leisure.

Long Haul: Journeyman wrap-up

Thirteen episodes and six weeks to the day of starting the Journeyman Long Haul, I finished it. So, how did it hold up in the years since I last saw it? What were the plans had it not been canceled, and were those plans a good idea? The final wrap-up is here, but first, a gag reel:

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Long Haul: Journeyman 1.12 — The Hanged Man

In this episode, Dan loses a digital camera in 1984 causing him to lose his son in 2007.

I just watched The Terminator and Terminator 2 on Halloween, so The Hanged Man was perfect for my frame of mind. Dan’s mission revolves around getting the camera back, and it’s interesting enough, but once again, the real fun of the episode centers on the 2007 happenings.

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