The Road to Infinity War: Phase One

Marvel moved the release date for Avengers: Infinity War up to April 27 which means I’ve been blowing through the previous movies in…well, kind of leisurely pace, actually, but it’s about to pick up.  This is the first time I’ve done a (mostly) complete Marvel movie viewing, and it’s been interesting looking back at these movies that kicked off the universe. There’s a tiny little piece of me that wishes I’d gone for in-universe chronological order and inserted Agent Carter (which I’ve never seen) and Agents of SHIELD at their appropriate slots but honestly, who has the time? (Probably me, whenever Phase Four winds down.)

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Movie Fights: I’ll fight you on Terminator Genisys

This was an episode of Movie Fights that spoke to me. You can tell, because 90 percent of this post was done before I went to work Sunday afternoon. It features Terminators, superheroes and some great sequels, along with panelists Kristian Harloff, host of Schmoes Know Movie show; Mark Ellis, Schmoes co-host; and Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies. As always, I listen to the question, pause the video and type my answer, listen to the panel and pause to do follow-up thoughts. Then I pick a winner, which isn’t always me, but sometimes it is.

Let’s fight!

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