2012 Media in Review: Movies at the Theater

Here in the final hours of 2012, it’s  time to start what I like to refer to as my series of Semi-Annual Media Review posts. So let’s start with movies watched in the theater. I got a late start this year — my first outing wasn’t until May — and saw four movies (two less than last year).
Everything had an action/adventure bent to it, because I maintain that rom-coms, comedies and dramas gain very little on the big screen, whereas action — particularly effects-laden action movies, stand to lose a lot on the small screen. And movies are expensive. So here’s the list by month with a wee bit of commentary. Continue reading



It’s been confirmed that my (perhaps everybody’s) favorite SHIELD agent, Phil Coulson, will be in Joss Whedon’s new ABC pilot based on the Marvel universe government agency.


Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, was first introduced in 2008’s Iron Man and was in three of the five movies leading up to Marvel’s The Avengers (Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Thor), and then in The Avengers. The only news that could be as equally awesome would be if somebody told me How I Met Your Mother was finally ending so Cobie Smulders could reprise her Avengers role as well. Somebody make that happen; the clock is ticking for Ted to meet The Mother.

There’s a an Access Hollywood story here, and a report from New York Comic-Con here. Don’t read either if you have yet to see The Avengers and don’t want to be spoiled for A Big Thing (and if you HAVEN’T been spoiled yet, perhaps look into contacting the Department of Miracles).

I leave you now with this: