OUAT are you doing to me, show?

Just when my interest begins to wane (again) on Once Upon A Time, an episode like Sunday’s pulls me back in. It was pretty predictable (as, I’m relatively certain, will be the “surprise” in next week’s episode), but I pretty  much loved it enough that I  may actually watch it again now that I can give it my full attention. There are spoilers for the episode and speculation based on next week’s promo here. That is your only warning.

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Once Upon A Time: Apparently the show you can’t quit.

With ABC’s Once Upon a Time heading into its season two fall finale tonight, I thought this might be a good time to talk about it. I liked the pilot and first few episodes — though I certainly found the stories in Fairytale Land to be far more interesting than whatever was going on in Storybrooke. But I quit watching about midway through the season when Mary Margaret Blanchard and David (aka Snow White and Prince Charming, even though they don’t remember those lives) were being horrible people.

I was happy to leave it there, and let Grimm be my tie to TV with fantastic elements (grammar note: while “fantastical” is technically a word, it’s also a waste of time). But then my friend Tim was all “OMG, we have to watch ‘Once Upon A Time!’  And wouldn’t you know, I got sucked right back in for season two. Continue reading