10 Things I’m Glad I Watched in 2014

The Media in Review post for movies gets a little long all ready (even in it’s short years), and it’s not all full of good things. So I usually spare commentary and  just do a list. But last year I decided to spotlight 10 things from it, and I’m doing it again, in no particular order.

1.  Jaws 2/3 (1978/1982): I know they get a lot of flack. Jaws 3, especially. And sure, the science is nonexistent, the effects probably didn’t even hold up then (Jaws 3, especially), and Dennis Quaid apparently didn’t even remember being in one of them (you guessed it, Jaws 3), but I had a blast. Jaws 2 made me care about the Brody family, and Jaws 3, made up for everything that was absolutely unreal by really following through on developing the Brody boys after the previous films. And if you’re going to accept the premise of a fact-defying, vengeful shark, they also manage to be reasonably suspenseful, too. I’ll wrap up with what I’m sure will be the most ridiculous film yet, Jaws: The Revenge, this year.

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Dueling Peter Pans

pan2003Recently, I realized I had very few memories of the 2003 Peter Pan movie. So, rather than do any of the number of posts I have sitting around half-done on my hard drive or in my head, I decided to Netflix it. It started freezing up on me at the halfway point, but in general I was liking it. Jeremy Sumpter made a good Pan, and Jason Isaacs made a great Hook, and the film had a darker feel than the Disney cartoon while still capturing its fun. But I got a little bored with Wendy, Michael and John and the Lost  Boys’ desire to make Wendy their mother so she could tell them stories. It wasn’t a movie I felt bad about stopping partway through to do other things, but I did feel a little bad when it wouldn’t play properly after that.

I thought about sending it back to Netflix and getting a replacement, but instead I decided I wouldn’t mind throwing a buck to my local video store and renting it right now. (Support your local video stores, kids.)  You wouldn’t think a decade-old Peter Pan movie would be a title in high demand, but it wasn’t in. But that’s okay, because instead I rented Hook, and that’s a movie that holds up. Continue reading