Teen Wolf Tuesday: Raw Talent (6.12)

This episode is the closest to excellent Teen Wolf has been in a while. The things that dragged it down were small and relatively inconsequential, but in the same way grains of sand are just little things until they get in your shoe.

teen wolf

There’s a part of me that really thinks I might actually finally be getting what I want from Teen Wolf.


That moment where Scott freaked out at Sheriff Stilinski when he thought the pack was surrounded by hunters instead of deputies was great. And Stilinski is the best surrogate dad for his kid’s werewolf best friend, I have to say.  (ILU Sheriff, please don’t die this season.)

And I really like that Teen Wolf isn’t entirely obscuring all its mysteries this time. We’re two episodes into 6B and we already know, to some extent, the season’s threats: New, amateur hunters now under the wing of Girard Argent and some sort of super evil that was so bad it was kept locked up in the Great Hunt until Pack McCall opened the door to get Stiles out. Sure, we don’t know all the details about Super Evil, but we were how many episodes into season one before the alpha’s identity was revealed? Nine. The answer to that is nine.

I also really like how Theo was dealt with. He showed up out of the blue in season 5 trying to ingratiate himself into the pack, only come to find out he was actually working with the Dread Doctors and let his sister die when he was just a little kid. Since being broken out f his own personal hell in 6A, he’s made small acts of contrition, and there have been insights that indicate actual remorse in attempts to humanize him again. And while I don’t think anyone was ready to accept him as being at the end of a redemption arc, enough had happened that it wasn’t too hard to feel a tiny bit of sympathy for him in the cold open, which was mostly scene after scene of him all alone, sleeping in his truck as deputies bang on his window to make him move. And it’s not like Theo didn’t earn his exile. But he made his bed and now was lying in it.

So when he was gunned down by hunters before the opening credits rolled, it was shocking and clearly unprovoked but also not something anyone’s going to be angsting over. It’s not like losing Allison. Basically it was a great way to fulfill the promise of death this season.

But let’s get back to that Scott moment with the sheriff. We’ve had some flashbacks all the way back to season one or two when Chris Argent was telling Scott about how bad werewolves really are. Like rabid dogs who’ll break their own teeth trying to get out of a cage. It was easy at the time to think that Argent was just blinded by his own hunter bias, but what if now we’re finding a grain of truth to his story? At the very least, it’s clear there’s another side to lycanthropy than super senses and the game face to end all game faces. (Also how great was it to see Scott in his full makeup again? It seems like it’s been awhile since they’ve even done the sideburns, let along the brow.)

scott 612 alpha editd
Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, in Teen Wolf episode 6.12 “Raw Talent.” (MTV)

We still don’t know too much about Super Evil, other than apparently it has something to do with spiders that can crawl inside people, eat all the skin off them and apparently replace them all pod-person like and can disappear in a puff of smoke.

So far, the biggest threat is from scared people. Aside from some weekend warriors trying to trick Argent into selling them heavy duty weaponry —  because Argent apparently does back-alley deals with the military on a regular basis? — there’s the Eichen House doctor who realized they should be eradicating supernaturals rather than imprisoning them (and did Lydia totally just kill that guy saving Parrish?) and the new school counselor.

She’s probably the best example of how dangerous this threat can be. She’s a normal person, confronted with something she’s never seen before — something so unnatural and powerful that people “shouldn’t be able to do that” — and is lashing out in fear of what she sees as a threat to her own safety and everyone else’s. She already killed a hell hound and she nearly killed Brett, and now that Girard Argent is showing her the ropes? Sounds like we’re definitely in for a season where everybody is afraid, everybody is fighting, and everybody may be just a little bit justified in their fear.

That and some good old Argent versus Argent fighting. I really hope Chris goes off on the old man. I mean really, because of Girard’s influence, Chris lost his wife, his sister and his daughter and now Girard is again threatening the last and closest thing Chris has to family via Scott and — presumably — Mama McCall.

It’s exciting!

But, on to those little things that can’t be ignored.

Liam and Mason’s age

I just looked through some wikis and confirmed that Liam was a freshman in season 4 and following the show’s timeline, he and Mason should be juniors this year. So there’s no reason to all of a sudden make them seniors! Likewise, there was absolutely no reason to even have the line about the futility of helping freshmen when no one except Scott ever made first line on the lacrosse team before becoming juniors. Sure. No one except Isaac, Jackson, Danny… And okay, you could make the argument that maybe Jackson and Danny were a year older than Scott and the gang, but they shared an awful lot of classes to be a year older.

It’s just lazy to not check ages for something that didn’t even need to be mentioned in the first place. Like, really, who cares that those scenes during practice were “Liam helping freshmen.” There’s no reason it couldn’t have just been a practice. Well, other than the absence of coach, but people are conspicuously absent all the time on this show without it meaning anything.

Dude, I thought you were a werewolf?

While the graduated packmembers are occupied with the human threat to their existence, the Super Evil plot is mostly sticking to the baby pack for now. And that’s fine. It’s not like both sides run in the same circles all the time. But it was ridiculous to have a bloody smear running all the way to a de-skinned human in the same room as Liam and not have Liam smell the blood. Because he was mad? Is that really what they’re going to go with?

Hi, Brett! The hell are you doing here?

A few seasons ago we met Brett, who was a member of Satomi’s pack and a classmate of Liam’s at Liam’s old prep school. We haven’t really seen Satomi’s pack since it was almost wiped out (and honestly, I’m kind of interested in how pack dynamics outside of Scott’s group of friends works), but I didn’t hear a single mention for why Brett was now at Beacon Hills. A half scene devoted to that would have been way better than all that “seniors helping freshmen nonsense.”

Final takeaway

While the three items above are certainly all worthy of some grousing, in the end, I think they pretty much all fall under the category of “minor things to just accept and move on from.” This wouldn’t be the first season — or even the first show — where I’ve had to do that. Who made the lacrosse team when isn’t important at all in the grand scheme of these stories, after all.

And really, I’d imagine that lacrosse and classes will largely fall by the wayside within three episodes as hunters launch an offensive, Scott and Liam both struggle with their wolfiness and Super Evil does what Super Evil’s going to do. Not to mention, Stiles is still off being an intern for the FBI that’s chasing Derek for mass murder. Got to see what that’s all about.

Teen Wolf airs at 8/7c Sundays on MTV.

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