Red alert: Teen Wolf is back tomorrow!

This Sunday, Teen Wolf will air the first of its final 10 episodes, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it just might be a return to form. It looks like characters that have been gone for years are re-appearing and villains with ever-increasing levels of ridiculousness are being traded for a much more human threat.

Of course, I’ve been burned by Teen Wolf before. Frequently and recently

If I’m being 100 percent honest, season three was probably the last season of Teen Wolf that was actually good. Season Four rambled on until answers appeared out of thin air, Season 5A was a jumbled, confusing mess, and 5B was only marginally better.

And then there was 6A.  I was hopeful, because it started so well!

I loved the way 6A handled Dylan O’Brien’s absence, the ghostriders were creepy, the show’s budget clearly got a little upgrade, and a new mystery alpha had my fan theories in overdrive as the core characters prepared to leave high school and Beacon Hills.

But, what seems to always happen in the latter half of this series happened again.
Correct answers were pulled randomly from hats, drama was fueled entirely by contrivances, and the show couldn’t keep its own internal logic straight from episode to episode.

And sure, those sound like bad problems to have, but at least they’re problems Teen Wolf has consistently had over the past few years, and they’re ones I can usually overlook in favor of a great cast of characters and what at its core is generally a good to OK story once you strip away and discard all the nonsense.

That wasn’t really the case with 6A. Not content to have a season where the pack’s tab comes due by way of supernatural horsemen out to erase Beacon Hills piece by piece, 6A just had to take one of its creepier villains and make them little more than attack dogs for its poorest villain yet.

Because here’s the thing with Teen Wolf: Even when it was being utterly ridiculous — even when it went entirely off the rails — it knew how to motivate its characters and drive its story on the backs of great characters and compelling villains with rich back stories full of revenge and angst.

Nazi werewolf/lion hybrid is a Nazi werewolf/lion hybrid who apparently occasionally needs to suck down some helium to stay alive, but we’ll never know why because that scene was clearly just filler.

What does 6A give us? An alpha werewolf/lion hybrid out to make a ghostrider army to rule the world. Because he’s also a Nazi that’s been kept alive in a jar for 70 years, and that’s apparently what Nazi werewolf/lions want to do more than anything.

Honestly, it really felt like somebody wanted to write the line “Nobody likes a Nazi!” and from there an entire half-season was built with only the most tangential of connections to what came before and only a few good things shoved in the cracks of mediocrity.

The first half of the final season was just lazy and not even the characters and actors I’ve come to know and love could elevate it beyond mostly disappointing.

And yet, I remain hopeful.

The final 10 episodes begin with the Season 6B premiere at 7 p.m. (central), Sunday on MTV.

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