Luke Skywalker: Not the hope you’re looking for

As I was tweeting the link to my MacGyver post today, I stumbled across this bit of truth:

I don’t know if it was just because Mark Hamill’s role was abysmally small in The Force Awakens, but it took this tweet for it to really hit home for me that in a few short months, Luke Skywalker will really be back.

And as I looked at the above image, I immediately got the urge to compare it to another.

luke 2

What makes this comparison so interesting to me is that we’ve got two Luke Skywalkers, 40 years apart in vastly different parts of their life, but that face is still the same. I’ve heard people describe the Tatooine sunset scene as Luke looking out at all the possibilities that lie before him, and I always want to tell those people to watch that scene again. The movie may have eventually been subtitled “A New Hope” but Luke, having just been informed he’s not going to the Academy for at least another year, is looking to the sky here with anything but.

He’s a boy dejected by the life that isn’t what he thought it would be and unable to see a way forward. And 40 years later, if that promo photo and the Last Jedi trailer is anything to go by, he’s now a man dejected a life that isn’t what he thought it would be and unable to see a way for himself — or the Jedi — to move forward.

In A New Hope, it took losing his aunt, uncle and everything he knew to forge a new path. In the interim between Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi, he’s lost his nephew, his students and his longtime friend.

I get the feeling this next path is going to be a little twistier.

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