Odds and Ends: Or, what I’ve been doing all summer other than not writing blog posts

So, I’ve had a time of it. It’s been just over two months since my last post, and in that time I’ve lost a job, got a new job, packed up my apartment, made what felt like a half-dozen trips between Oklahoma and Kansas, exhausted the data on my phone twice and stared in utter bewilderment at the piles and piles and stuff I now have to find a new place for.

And somewhere in there I dug my heels in with my internet provider until we reached an agreement on acceptable pricing.

The point is: I haven’t been watching a whole lot or really doing much an anything that warranted posting over unpacking, sleeping or snuggling my cat.  But I’ve had internet again just long enough for some random observations about a few shows.

Star Trek Enterprise

I’m still watching DS9 and someday I’ll get to Voyager, but I felt a calling to detour into Enterprise for a little bit. I don’t hate the theme song as much as I once did, but I’m still not wild about it. I DO, however, like the opening credits montage of sea, air and space travel that shows how we….got from…there…to…here. (“It’s been a looooong road…” – get that out of your head now).

But I’m only three episodes in, and it’s very strange the things that I remember. Like, I haven’t seen this show in 15 years but I knew to this day that Reed’s mocking of Trip’s “Keep your shirt on, lieutenant!” in the first 10 minutes of the pilot is probably the one phrase I will associate with this show until the day I die. I don’t know why, it just is.

scott bakula
I liked your Captain Archer, and I don’t mind your NCIS: NOLA character whose name I don’t remember because I watch maybe three episodes a year, but you’ll always be Sam Beckett to me, Scott Bakula.

But as I was watching the third episode (“Strange New World”), partway through, I could hear Scott Bakula plain as day in my head saying “And then we’ll deal with these rock people.” And then I was all *Gasp!* Is that from *this* episode?! IT IS from this episode!” Followed shortly by “Why on earth do I remember that?” And sure enough, about 10 minutes later, those words came out of my speaker EXACTLY like I heard them in my head.

And I have no idea why.

I’ve never actually seen all of Enterprise (but yes, I know about THAT ending), so I’m looking forward to sprinkling it into the rotation during what’s left of the summer.

But, hey, speaking of shows with questionable endings!

How I Met Your Mother

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with How I Met Your Mother. For starters, it’s the only show in the history of ever that made me wish it used netspeak abbreviations in its title, and I’d really hate that except for I also really like that if you replace “Your” with “UR”, it would abbreviate out to “HIMUM.” You know. “Hi, mum.”

Alas, I came to HIMYM a little more than a season into its run, liked it, and when I went back to watch it from the beginning, I quickly fell in love with it. It took me a little longer to fall out of love with it, but the season six episode “Subway Wars,” where the gang is harassing Robin about not being a “real New Yorker” was, for some reason, my last straw. I just hated that episode so much. I may have caught an episode here or there in syndication or while waiting for something else, I didn’t actively seek it out again until the series finale in season nine.

God, I hated that episode, too! Mostly, I hated it for all the Robin/Barney potential I’d seen and loved in the earlier seasons — and all the buildup others said they had in the seasons I missed — that was squandered so Robin could be…kind of horrible? And Barney could largely revert back to the worst possible version of himself? No thank you.

But the reason I bring all this up, is that it’s another show I’ve added back into my revolving list of sitcoms. Just today, I watched the third episode of season two, where Ted learns his parents have been divorced for months and didn’t tell him, and it turns out that Robin and Ted’s relationship was really just a carbon copy of what his parents’ had been in their early years.

I swear, How I Met Your Mother spent so much time beating us over the head with how Ted and Robin are great but not necessarily great or meant to be together…and then…it ends with them together. Because the very nearly decade that we watched them learn and grow didn’t really mean anything.  Ugh. I still like these early seasons, but as soon as that episode ended, I was mad about the finale all over again, and I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.

But speaking (still) of finales!

Teen Wolf

The last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf begin July 30, and I’m not ready for it to be over. I haven’t had a ton of good things to say about the past 2.5 seasons (and I still need to finish my write-up of 6A), but I just really love all those characters and all those actors, and I don’t want it to END!

But it’s going to. I tried to do a series rewatch when this season started, but I only got through season 4. I might buckle down and see if I can get through 5 and 6A before the start of 6B. Either way, expect some Teen Wolf posts from me in the near future.

And of course, the Leisure Time Fall Season Preview at some point.

Basically, there will be more to make up for these last months of nothing.

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