How’d those Supernatural predictions work out?

A little over  a year ago, as season 10 of Supernatural came to a close, I made some predictions for season 11.  I didn’t actually get to watch most of it as it aired, but I just spent the last week getting all caught up on Netflix. So, let’s take a look at what I thought would happen and what actually did.

Mostly I want to talk about the season, but I’m also going to keep score. So, here we go. Spoilers, obviously.


1. This will be the last season.– WRONG! Supernatural was picked up for a 12th, and I’ll be moving onto it next, watching via the CW website and/or app. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t have minded if it had lopped off all the next-season setup and just ended with a resolution to all the God and Darkness drama. Not that I’m not into having more, but that would have been a satisfying end point. 0 points

2. We’ll see at least five characters (other than Sam, Dean,

Agents Murtaugh and Riggs. Heh.

Cas and Crowley) from previous seasons. – YES! So many people! Safehouse, the Rufus and Bobby flashback episode was a welcome surprise, and revived my belief that if SPN were to do a spinoff show it should be “Rufus and Bobby: The Early Years.” And I’m always happy to see Jody Mills. Claire and Alex…I liked the idea of the three of them being a family unit and warmed to all of them by the end, but for most of Don’t You Forget About Me, I was really annoyed with both kids.  And that’s five people over two episodes. There were at least four more, some of whom we’ll get to later. 1 point.

3. Charlie will somehow reappear. Well, she did not reappear, but she was mentioned! And her decoding of the Book of the Damned was crucial to getting Lucifer out of the cage. So, I’m going to give myself a half a point here. 1/2 point.

4. We’ll also see Lisa and/or Ben. Alas, no. I guess Dean’s most healthy relationship and surrogate son are forever lost after that unfortunate mindwipe several years ago. 0

5. John Winchester and/or Bobby. Bobby! I don’t have the hate-on for John Winchester that a lot of people seem to have, but Bobby is just a much better surrogate dad to “his boys” than John was actual dad. 1

6. Jody Mills (who will not die…unless everybody dies). She was there, and she didn’t die, though I was legitimately worried for a second. 1

7. God will appear in the form of Chuck (Rob Benedict). I don’t
chuck-god-s11really like the Chuck as God idea and generally reject “but so-and-so said in an interview!” as canon, but I do like Rob Benedict. So I’ll just roll with it, I guess.
Yes. And he was God. My reservations about Chuck being God were born from watching him sit around and do nothing while Sam and Dean tried to stop the big Michael-Lucifer prize fight. Not to mention everything else. As I watched Chuck justify his actions this season…it made sense at the time, and is even a message about hands-off parenting that I kind of agree with…but then I think back to those seasons and just feel a little disgusted with him. Except, I still like Rob Benedict as Chuck, and I liked him as Godly Chuck, and it all worked out in the end. So I guess it mostly all evens out in the wash. Anyway, I get another point. 1

8. Castiel will spend at least 5 episodes being super angelic as he distances himself from the Winchesters after realizing that if it weren’t for his lingering humanity spurring a desire to save Dean at any cost, the Genesis-era “Darkness” would not have been released. Well…he became Lucifer’s vessel, which is super angelic in a sense but nothing regarding Cas really went down at all like I expected.  I liked it though! And it was a treat watching Misha Collins. Not only was he super believable taking over the role that Mark Pellegrino was so phenomenal at, I’ve been waiting for this type of carefree darkness ever since the season six finale when Cas was briefly housing the Leviathans. And look, I really liked season 7 and the Leviathans (I know, I’m one of the few) but it didn’t really deliver in the Evil But Fun department. 0

9. God will make Cas an archangel who will lead a new army of archangels in a battle against The Darkness. Noooo. But, again, Cas was Lucifer’s meatsuit, and Lucifer’s an archangel that God made. Eh, that’s reaching. 0

10. Crowley and his demon army might help. Enemy of my enemy, and all.
They weren’t really HIS demon army at that point, but he did convince a bunch of demons to fight in a battle against The Darkness, so I’m counting it. 1.

11. Sam and Dean will of course play a big role and do other things, but sadly they will probably be the least interesting, most done-before things of the season. Dean literally tried to make a deal to bring Sam back when he thought Sam was dead. Again. Sam offered himself up in sacrifice to try to stop bad things. Again. And Dean’s super special connection to Amara was worth a few lines and scenes here and there, but  ultimately…wasn’t that important nor were his conflicted feelings about her terribly interesting. But, I mean, this season was probably the least offensive in its retread of old story lines, because the rest of it was kind of new and pretty good. 1.

12. Rowena will be largely insignificant. When I typed this, I meant “as a villain.” But I didn’t say that, and she was instrumental in setting Lucifer free and making the soul bomb to try to kill Amara. Still. They didn’t use the bomb and Lucifer didn’t really have an impact in the fight with Amara. So, half-point? Half point. Oh, but I did notice that nobody had any objections to making a soul bomb this time around, where as everybody was against it when Cas was trying to do it in season 6 to stop Eve. I would have happily taken five seconds less demonic/angelic CGI foofaraw for a one sentence acknowledgement.  1/2.

13. Metatron will play a significant role, either as Darkness personified or as a string-puller. I just don’t know when to stop. Metatron indeed was significant as he got God off his ass to join the fight and he stalled Amara long enough for everyone else to get away before dying, but he wasn’t The Darkness or much a string puller. More like a string plucker. But I think that’s worth a half point.
metatron-s11-editAnd really, I was surprised by how well I liked his return. Because sure, he was a horrible angel/person but Curtis Armstrong really made me buy that Metatron learned humility and remorse for what he’d become when he was evil. And I LOVED the scenes where he’s confronting God. It was just such an amazing mix of anger and hurt and love for his father that was so much more powerful (though admittedly less funny) than Lucifer’s Angry Teenage Boy routine. 1/2

14. Cas will ultimately give up his grace and become human, probably in some manner that saves Sam or Dean (but let’s be real, probably Dean). No. Not at all. Season 12 finale maybe? But I’ve got to say, after Dean officially called Cas their brother (which, I don’t care how many times he growls out “We’re family!” in the midst of an argument, the understated way this was done made it seem almost new), and after Sam thought Dean had died killing Amara…Cas following Sam back to the bunker like they were two brothers back from a hunt gone bad was really special. 0.

15. In the end, the gates to Heaven and Hell will be closed (with maybe a few angels and demons on the ground for random miracles and mischief), with our heroes just left to mop up, lock up, and leave the keys with the fans. Not even a little. I wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s how the series ends, though. As for this season, I’m really glad the conflict ended the way it did. Amara’s change of heart felt real, and honestly, I don’t think I could handle all the keyboard warrior-ing that would go on if she’d been killed.  0.

So, all told, I’d score my prediction at 7.5 out of 15. That’s exactly 50 percent, which I feel pretty good about, given that I don’t have a crystal ball through which I see the future.

I was going to do some season 12 predictions, but honestly? I got nothing. I still don’t know what you follow up The Darkness (aka God’s sister) with, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be pissing matches with the  Men of Letters: London Bureau. And I suspect Mary Winchester being alive again will be interesting for about five episodes. Probably mixed in between a bunch of episodes where it’s not interesting at all.


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