I guess it might be time to cancel Hulu

I haven’t done a “What I’m Watching Next Season” post, because I haven’t even finished my “What I Watched Last Season” series, but with five of the shows I was looking forward to (and one I was resigned to watching) being on The CW, this news has me thinking it might be time to drop Hulu and reconsider cable/DVR (or perhaps buying seasons from Amazon).

In short: Next season, The CW is ending its deal with Hulu for next-day streaming of the most recent five episodes of series and instead will make the whole series available on Netflix about two weeks after seasons end, instead of 3-4 months.

Apparently, you still can do next-day streaming through the CW site and apps, but my experience with those in the past have been really glitchy and awful.

I might make a list of everything I want to watch, do the math, and see if it’s actually cheaper to just buy seasons outright from Amazon. I hesitate to do that, because it makes me less likely to then buy the DVDs, so I miss commentary and other features, but honestly, I think I’m done buying physical TV seasons for things that are still airing. Teen Wolf and Castle really burned me in that regard with some severe quality drops.

And my quick mental estimate is that I could get all the shows I want to watch for the year and avoid the temptation of getting lost in hours and hours of HGTV, DIY and Food Network shows for the same cost as less than six months of cable. And to think, I was seriously considering upgrading to ad-free Hulu in the fall.

So, big loser here, Hulu; big winner, Amazon? We’ll see.


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