TV Report: The cut list

So, the 2015-16 TV season is winding down, and I failed to post through most of it. Sorry, I was binge watching Leverage, Criminal Minds and now Star Trek: TNG/DS9 on Netflix. But as for live TV, a third of the shows I’m still watching have an episode left to go, so let’s look at a different aspect: The things I quit watching.

All told, I started the season expecting to watch or try out 15 shows.  Of those, I saw (or intend to see) six to the end. Three of the rest were nonstarters (Once Upon a Time, Scream Queens and Best Night Ever with Neil Patrick Harris). I thought I’d watch them and then just didn’t.  The other six, I stopped watching for a variety of reasons that run the gamut of “I just fell behind” to “I can’t devote one more second of my time to you, you horrible, shadow of  yourself show.”

So let’s talk about those.


gotham jeromeThis one is partly “I fell behind” and partly “you’ve annoyed me.” Because I certainly want to see how the season plays out. I’ve heard a few good things and seen a few promo shots that look awesome, but to be honest, Gotham broke my heart three episodes in when it killed off Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), who was its Joker in everything but name. And my list of favorite Joker actors pretty much goes Mark Hamill, Cameron Monaghan, everyone else. I meant to get back into it, but by the time I felt like jumping back in, too many episodes had dropped from Hulu to want to pay to catch up. I talked a little more about my thoughts on the episodes I saw here, and I look forward to finishing up when Gotham season two hits Netflix. Hopefully in time to catch season 3 live-ish.


I wrote about it when I gave it up after part one of its season 8 (and final) premiere.  It reminded me so much of season four with all its secrets and lies and obstacles to happiness for Castle and Beckett and no reason to expect anything decent for Ryan and Esposito that I just couldn’t do it anymore. So I cut bait. And apparently I dodged a bullet.  Yes, I’ve seen the reaction to the tacked on, 40-second happily-ever-after following Beckett and Castle both bleeding out on their kitchen floor in what was apparently one of the most confusing villain arcs ever in preparation for a Beckett-less season 9 that mercifully will never be. I sincerely hope all the cast move on to bigger and better things that I will happily follow.

Grandfathered/The Grinder

Both were Fox comedies. Both were adequate. But I was watching too much stuff to bother with keeping up with shows that the biggest draw was really just seeing John Stamos, Rob Lowe and Fred Savage on my TV again. And now both are canceled.


sam and dean
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, in an earlier season.

I was a little worried when it premiered, because for Sam and Dean and their relationship with each other, it just seemed like more of the same that we’ve had over the past 10 seasons. I could see the tide starting to shift, and season 11 has reportedly been the best season in a long time (certainly good enough to garner a season 12), but there were just so many other things I was enjoying more *cough*Leverage*cough* that, like Gotham, I just fell too far behind to catch up. But it’s another that I really look forward to picking back up, not least of which so I can see how well my predictions post turned out. I’m guessing not very well at all.


Unlike Gotham, Grimm hadn’t really done anything to offend me. Even though I never saw the reveal of Eve, it was painfully obvious from the season four finale that Bitsie Tulloch wasn’t being written off the show with Juliette’s apparent death. And let’s be real, I’ve managed Brett Dalton’s many minds of Grant Ward on Agents of SHIELD, Tom Cavanagh playing Eobard Thawne pretending to be Earth 1’s Harrison Wells and then playing Earth 2’s Harrison Wells on The Flash, and David Boreanaz as Angel/Angelus and Amy Acker as Fred and Illyria on Angel.

I can handle one actor playing multiple parts in a series, is what I’m saying. And as much as I’m skeeved by the show’s unwillingness to call Adalind’s season 3 rape of Nick what it is, I’m intrigued enough by their season 5 baby from that, that I do want to know what else happens. I hope there’s not Nick/Adalind romance, but if handled delicately, it might not bother me that much. However, like Supernatural, there were just other shows I was enjoying more, and Grimm fell through the cracks.

So there you have it. One show that was too bad to keep watching, one that drove me away for too long, and four that just weren’t high enough priorities over other shows. And three shows to try to binge before the fall season. While continuing my Star Trek/Criminal Minds binges, joining a book club, and hopefully, finally, finishing the Star Wars: A New Hope novelization. It’s going to be a busy summer.

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