Teen Wolf 5.16: Lie Ability

Before I get into this week’s episode, I just need to say that if the rest of the season is the return to form that the promo for next week’s appears to be, I’ll forgive a lot about Season 5. But let’s talk about Tuesday’s episode.

The Good

Parrish and Lydia: I like the ship, even though last night’s episode might have looked like a hit to it, but more than that, it seems like their abilities as Hellhound (a bearer of death) and Banshee (a predictor of death) give them a supernatural connection. We got to see a little bit of that last night when he enveloped her scream that otherwise probably would have killed everybody.

tw bbqTheo’s pack seeming packlike: Sure, there’s dissent going on with Hayden, but it was good to see Electroboy care so much about helping Invisible Kid after he was barbecued.

Mason tries to save the day:  Seriously, Khylin Rhambo is running away with this show, and watching him try to talk himself into crashing his car through a wall and then immediately asking to use Hayden’s when she shows up was comedy gold and maybe the best part of the episode.

Valack’s plan revealed: This season has been so confusing that any time anybody’s plan is revealed, it’s a good thing.

Malia: She’s had some nice growth lately. She’s still very straightforward and blunt, but she’s not as brutally honest as she once was, and she’s come along way from being willing to rescue Stiles while leaving everyone else to die. She may not think much of Scott as an alpha, but she definitely feels like a part of the pack this season and her caring for Kira in this episode was a good example.

The Bad

Where is Argent?!:  I mean, seriously. You’re a group of creatures trying to break someone out of a facility that includes a magic anti-creature line you know you can’t cross, and rather than bring along the man with decades of experience, big guns and a bunch of muscles, you put all your faith in this kid.



Theo’s pack in general: I have no idea who Electroboy is. Like, seriously, I don’t even remember seeing him before a few episodes ago when Theo juiced him up with the car battery. And Invisible Kid? I know he’s the one who was interested in Mason. I don’t remember if he got an origin episode or if he just decamouflaged  from a wall one day. And Kanima Girl was from that episode with the birds? I think? And now she’s just generically villainous, kind of like Erica and Isaac were before the great tonal shift of season 2. And clearly, though I know I must have heard the names of Theo’s packmembers, I don’t remember 3/4 of them.

You know who I do remember? I remember Donovan, the unstable kid with a bad past and a grudge against the Stilinskis. Too bad he’s the one who stayed dead.

“Stiles saved me!”: No. No he did not, Lydia. He gave Theo one tip to help track you down. Otherwise, Theo found you, Parrish stopped you from accidentally killing everybody and carried you out of Eichen House, Natalie stopped Kanima Girl from kidnapping you and Deaton stuffed the hole in your head with mistletoe, which somehow made you better. The only other thing Stiles did was stand over your lifeless-looking body and say “Open your eyes, Lydia! Lydia you have to open your eyes!!” as if talking someone back to life is a thing that works ever. And I guess he tried to shield you from broken glass, but given the shard he swept out of your eye and the lack of glass on him, it was a pretty ineffectual gesture.

And I like Stiles!  But come on…

Valack is dead: I mean, sure, it was great that Lydia had some agency in her own rescue, but now that, 16 episodes into the season, it’s clear that Valack was technically on the same side as Scott’s pack (even though he was going about reaching the same ends in horrifying, deadly ways), it seems like there could have been more use for him.

The Desert Wolf: I can only assume that while the Argents are off reading books or whatever they’re doing, she’s off having coffee or something while taking a break from trying to kill Malia. If there were a crack fic of the three of them just chilling out at opposite ends of a Starbucks, I’d probably read it.

Flashbacks: I just want a linear story. Please, is that too much to ask? I have no idea where that Liam/Hayden bedroom scene plopped in the middle of Liam helping with Lydia’s escape and Hayden guarding Deucalion was supposed to take place.

So, yeah. Maybe it’s pretty obvious, but I’m hanging a lot of hope on next week’s episode.

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