Probably the only Magicians post I’ll ever make

I knew sometime last year that SyFy was creating The Magicians, a show based on the Lev Grossman book series of the same name, and told myself I’d talk about it when its premiere got a little closer.  As it got closer last month, and I said to myself “Hey, I should talk about that,” but I didn’t and now it’s several episodes into its 13-episode season (already renewed for a second).

Fortunately, I don’t have a lot to say.

Even though the previews made it look like it’s either focused mainly on the first part of the first book or like it will just be a wild departure from the book series, I won’t be watching it. Because there are not words for how much I hated that book. I couldn’t even finish it (and I finished goddamn Twilight), mostly because the lead character was a horrible person.

If we could edit tweets, I’d probably have amended that to say the worst parts of Holden and Jacob Black, but we can’t so whatever. The point remains that Quentin is an entitled, possessive, jealous, violent creep of a child pretending to be a man who is also, apparently, the hero of the story.

So, I’m not watching. I did, however, start to form a mental cast as I was reading 3/4 of the book, and I’m feeling a little validated by at least one of my choices.

quentin riggins

On the left, you have Jason Ralph, playing Quentin Coldwater in the new series. On the right: everyone’s favorite Dillon, Texas, bad boy, Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights, and my personal mental image for Quentin.

Now, before anyone jumps in to say “Are you blind?! Their brows are completely different, their mouths aren’t quite right, and and everything about Ralph’s face is a little bit wider!” I know.  But when my other mental castmates are people like “a young Steve Buscemi,” getting even a little close is kind of miraculous, wouldn’t you say?

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