I’ve come to a Teen Wolf realization

When I woke up this morning, first I was pissed because it was so early, but that feeling was quickly replaced by glee, because a new Teen Wolf was waiting for me! (And then frustration as I remembered why this is the last season of TV I will ever by on iTunes when I no longer have Apple products.)

But season five, and these first couple episodes of 5B, especially, have led me to a realization: This is no longer a show that can be watched week-to-week if the story is the only thing bringing you in.

It’s still serviceable if you like great character moments for the original cast sandwiched between a parade of mostly wooden Abercombie models, plus Khylin Rhambo’s Mason, who’s stealing the show from the newcomers in the best way. And long-term, I feel like there’s probably a good story in there, but this season is so convoluted with flashforwards and flashbacks and a merry-go-round of characters that all look eerily similar coming and going that I don’t have a clue how anything fits together from scene to scene anymore. And a week between episodes certainly doesn’t help that.

But unlike the cluster that was season 4, I have hope that a binge watch — possibly part of a complete series rewatch — will make it all worthwhile.

Let’s talk a little about Tuesday’s episode, Damnatio Memoriae. In the interest of getting this post out today, I’m going to do the rest of it in list form.

  1. The Argents:  Just like that, Big Daddy Evil eats a flower and is okay again?  I’m not really sure what I think about that, or the continued practice of going back to a discarded character who just happens to have the new information we need.  But I like that the new big bad monster relates back to information learned in season one.
  2. Le Bete: Like I said, I like this callback, and I appreciate that it looks something akin to the Peter wolf of season one. It’s long annoyed me that, thanks the alpha pack, we’ve seen no fewer than seven alphas since Peter and none of them have looked like giant wolfy monster creatures. That said, La Bete is kind of not good CGI. It looks sort of like Peter wolf meets the Iron Batsuit.
    peter labete
    Left: The Peter wolf . Right: La bete



  3.  Malia: On one hand, I don’t really care about Malia’s hunt for her mother, the desert wolf. It’s just an extra bit of too much in a crowded season. On the other, that was a pretty funny scene where the dude being questioned by her and whats-her-face was all “You can torture me and I won’t talk!! .. Oh, $10,000, what did you need to know?”
  4. Stilinskis!: Stiles and his dad, honestly, are like 55 percent of the reason I  watch this show. They are wonderful, and all the credit goes to Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby. I love that the truth about Donovan’s death finally came out, and show, don’t think I didn’t notice the call back to Melissa telling Stilinski he needs to learn how to bend the rules. Hopefully the next direction he bends will be to her because I would be lying a thousand times over if I said I haven’t shipped it pretty much since day one.
    melissa stilinski
  5. Scott. He gets room on this list because he gets overlooked a lot in fandom, which doesn’t seem fair, considering for the longest time, he was the titular character. There are enough teen wolves on the show now that that doesn’t really apply, but I think he’s shown a lot of growth and Tyler Posey has certainly done the same compared to season one. Plus, I always cheer a little bit when Scott puts any part of his game face on. Dude’s been an alpha since 3B, it’s 5B now and we hardly ever see him go red-eyed.
  6. Everything else: I don’t really understand everything else. Hopefully when we see the full picture, I’ll have more to say.

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