The Long Haul: The Star Wars EU

A few years ago, I started the Long Haul project. The goal was to watch a complete series and post about it on an episode-by-episode basis. I started with Journeyman, the short-lived 2007 NBC series about a reporter being thrown through time to fix people’s lives without screwing up his present. I love that show (sadly now unavailable everywhere but a UK DVD release) and wanted to share it with people. It was a rough start, because the line between summary and review can be a hard one to walk sometimes, but I got the hang of it.

I planned to follow it up with Eureka, the quirky USA series about a town of geniuses and weirdness. But I just couldn’t get into it. Not the show — the show seemed like it had a lot of potential — but I struggled mightily to write about it, and never watched past the pilot or published so much as a post about it. And then some of you might have briefly seen the announcement last year that I was going to revive Long Hauls with a rewatch/watch of Once Upon A Time. That came down almost as quickly as it went up, when I realized I just didn’t want to.

I think what it boils down to for me is that, in general, that’s not how I like to consume TV. I’m a fan of the binge watch, and stopping to write in between episodes when I know the next is just a click away kills my momentum and enthusiasm.

But last year I  was reminded of something else that I love: Star Wars.

I’ve read a lot of books in the Expanded Universe: The Thrawn, Jedi Academy and Corellian trilogies, The Young Jedi Knights, and a wealth of standalone books. I fell away from it pretty early into the New Jedi Order series. Not because I was pissed off about that thing most people were pissed off about when that series began, but because it was 2001, I was just starting college (and being consumed by a late-blooming interest in Harry Potter), and there just wasn’t time for what had turned into angsty Star Wars books anymore.

Well, there’s time now. Starting with the novelization of A New Hope, I’m about to embark on the long, long journeys of Luke, Leia, Han and their kids, and I’m taking you with me, book by book, straight through the good, bad and even the weirdo Callista books I never finished.

So buckle in, and we’ll see if the Force really is with us, always.

What to expect

Book reviews

I won’t be reviewing chapter by chapter, but I’ll have a post for each book as I finish it. And if you follow @theLTtweet on twitter, you just might get some midbook musings.


I’ve read some of these books before and have distinct memories associated with them, which I’ll share as they come up. Also, some of my actual books themselves have interesting stories.

Mental cast

ot trioWhile Han, Luke and Leia will always be Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in my head, there are a whole lot of other characters, never before seen on film, in these books, and my plan is to have a post that’s a running tally of who my brain happens to be filling in for each role. I haven’t quite figured out what that’s going to look like — and it could get a little tricky for characters whose descriptions I remember drastically changing between books before the EU started trying to be consistent — but I think it’ll be fun, too.

The first book in this Long Haul will be Star Wars: A New Hope. Check the Long Haul Index above for links to all Long Haul entries.


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