2015 Media in Review: The book edition

There have been years when I haven’t read a lot, but when I call this post the book edition, it’s because I read a whopping one book last year. Nearly two, but not quite.

Midway through a four-season Star Trek: The Next Generation binge, I reread “Just A Geek” by Wil Wheaton. As a memoir and behind-the-scenes look at the show (and industry), it was still just as good as I remember it the first time around.

I also sped through 3/4 of John Green’s novel “Paper Towns” in about three hours so I could go to work with good ideas for designing newspaper entertainment page around the movie. I meant to finish it but didn’t get around to it (probably because I was watching a truly enormous amount of television). But it was still a fun, pretty easy read with mystery, intrigue and at least one moment that still gave me nervous chills, even though I know how it ends.And that’s it. Shortest book post ever. But I’m going to do better in 2016.  The Long Haul is coming back, this time for some of my favorite (and I hope future favorite) books. Find out more.


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