TV Roundup

I’ve got a lot of shows to talk about, but not a ton to say about any of them. So, roundup. Let’s start with what will apparently be my most talked about show of the season: Heroes Reborn.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. on NBC.
Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. on NBC.

It’s clear that this is definitely a show that will improve on rewatch. It’s really picking up steam now, but with the time travel that’s been happening, it’s kind of hard to keep up on a week-to-week basis. It’s good to see Molly again, though, and her closeness with Mohinder before the summit explosion speaks to some of my frustrations about her absence in season four of Heroes and her lack of backstory in early season one of Heroes Reborn.

The only real failing I’m seeing so far, is the Carlos story line. It’s not bad, I suppose: the unpowered war vet who’s haunted by a medal he didn’t earn picking up his superpowered brother’s mask to fight crime and rescue his nephew, but it seems so very disconnected from the rest of the story. Sure, the nephew is being held by Renautas, but to what consequence? Nothing in Carlos’ story has yet to have any real bearing on anything else. And that’s a little annoying, given that early previews promised me Micah. I’d much rather be seeing more about him than Carlos and the EVO bounty hunter he’s kidnapped to find his nephew. I mean, I assumed bounty hunters existed and there weren’t a ton of EVOs signing up to Renautas lab rats.

But there are five episodes left, and a lot can happen.


I am very far behind on Gotham. Of the seven that have aired, I’ve watched three, but they were really good. Mostly for a character that sadly is no longer with us.

I can only assume that Cameron Monaghan was told to do his best Joker. Because he was amazing. He had the presence and the laugh but still seemed young enough to grow into Batman’s greatest enemy. If I had to rank Jokers, he’d go just below Mark Hamill and just above Heath Ledger. But Gotham kind of copped out and made Jerome not the young would-be Joker but…I guess…the inspiration for him. Creators have said we’ll never actually see Batman on this show, which makes sense as Bruce Wayne is currently 13, but we better never see Joker either, because I pity the person who would have to try to top this performance.

Also when I said last season that all I wanted to see was Barbara being evil with The Ogre, I didn’t actually expect half of that statement to happen. I’m purposely avoiding a lot of social justice spaces on this show though, because between the villainous lesbians and the the new female captain being promoted and killed two episodes in, I’m sure the feministsphere is up in arms. And while I haaaaaate that Captain Essen died and wish they pretty much would have done anything else, it’s not enough for me to hate the show.

And Jim Gordon does questionable stuff, and Bruce and Alfred are adorable.


I haven’t seen the second episode of the season yet, but it seemed painfully clear after the premiere (and really, pretty clear after the finale, I thought) that Juliet isn’t dead. I would not be at all surprised to watch 5.02 and find out Trubel was in cahoots with Chavez for some reason and now Evil Juliet is locked up with the shady government agency.

I’m really curious to see where this story with Nick and Adalind and Baby Kelly Grimmbeist goes. I’m having a hard time reconciling Adalind’s rape of NIck (which is what it was, even if the show never called it that) with this idea that they will somehow raise this baby together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in Nick as a dad, but not only do I question whether the baby is actually going to hang around for the rest of the series or if it’s going to be whisked away in three episodes never to be seen or heard from again, but I’m also not 100 percent down with Adalind’s new characterization.

Because sure, if they want to play “Baby makes me see the error of my ways, and now I want to be good,” okay. I get it. But I think Grimm is trying to pull a Regina with Adalind, and unlike on Once Upon A Time, where Regina can be working for good while keeping her evil snark and edgier tactics, Adalind’s just like “Guys, can’t we just forget that I was evil! I’ll be good now, promise!” And that’s less interesting, but I suppose it’s something I can work into my worldview of the show and once accepted move on.

Once Upon a Time
I’m a couple episodes behind, and what I have “seen” has mostly come by way of half listening while the TV is on behind me at work, but I never would have thought Dark Emma would be so boring or that Captain Swann would be a relationship that rivaled season one Snowing in the dead fish department. I’m intrigued by Gold’s new pure, blank-slate heart that Emma wants to corrupt for reasons I’m not clear on yet, but mostly? I’m just bored. Thankfully, Regina still gets all the best one-liners, which helps.

Loving The Flash and the introduction of Earth 2’s Dr. Wells. I can’t wait to see who Zoom is, but for now I’m holding to my prediction that he’s Earth 2’s Eddie Thawne. I don’t know how he’d become a speedster yet, but I imagine there’s some Eddie/Iris/Barry love triangle-ing going on for that feud.

Arrow’s doing it’s thing, and it’s okay. I’d be interested to see if somebody ever remixes the series so it’s in chronological order. RIght now, it mostly seems to be setting up the Legends of Tomorrow series, and I’m okay with that. Flash and Arrow both exist in this weird space for me where I really enjoy them, but don’t have a lot to say about them. I guess that’s a sign of feeling satisfied.

This might be a good time to mention Emergency Awesome, a youtube channel I found earlier this year that’s pretty fun. It’s the hosted by Charlie, who goes through each episode of all the superhero shows of the day and points out comic-book connections and easter eggs while speculating on what it could mean for the shows. Nerdy and delightful!

I’m also keeping up with Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural, but like Flash and Arrow, I just don’t have a lot to say about them yet that can’t be summed up in a tweet. I’m sure that will change.

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