Heroes Reborn: Let’s talk about That Scene

You know the one I’m talking about.

molly reaxSo, Molly’s dead four episodes in. After urging Noah to “Forget the past, save the future” she shoots herself in the head so that Renautas can’t use her ability to track mutants inhumans EVOs. And it was probably as much a message for the audience as it was for Noah. But much like we know Noah can’t just forget and give up on finding out what really happened on June 13, we can’t forget who Molly was before she dropped off the face of the planet in Heroes.

She teases it a little when she says “People have been telling me that my whole life, but all they wanna do is use me for my power.” This is obviously true for Renautas and The Company, and you could even make the case for Matt Parkman, given the whole NIghtmare Man experience. But is that all she remembers from her time with Matt? What about Mohinder? What about the decade between the time Mohinder put her on a plane to god knows where and she was never spoken of again?

Now, I don’t need her to wax poetic for 20 minutes about her tragic past, but some concrete acknowledgment of it shouldn’t be too much to ask for. In fact, for an effective scene, it should be required. This is like the reverse 90210 effect. Where that sequel series spent far too much time dealing with the mundane aspects of Kelly and Brenda’s interim life to the detriment of the new story, Heroes Reborn is hurting the new story by not tying it well enough to its past.

It’s hard to care that much about Molly dying when her run on the show can be summed up as “I’m here, now I’m not, now I’m dead.” The only reason that scene worked at all is because Jack Coleman and Francesca Eastwood sold the hell out of it with A+ performances.

There are nine episodes left, and I’m hopeful we haven’t seen the last of Molly. The door is open for flashbacks as Noah works to recover his memory of the day his daughter maybe died, so maybe those scenes will be what I’m looking for to fill in some of the blanks.

Heroes Reborn airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC. (And while I was double-checking the time, I noticed a web tie-in series I guess I should have watched first. Maybe it has the answers I seek.)

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