Supernatural 11.01: Things will never change

Supernatural premiered its 11th season on Wednesday, and it mostly felt like a road we’ve been down before.

I’m going to try to do post-episode posts for a lot of shows I’m watching this year. Some may be full-on reviews with context and summaries. And others, like this one, will be short thoughts and break-outs.

See! No monster-y black veins on us! We're fine! (Except for all the ways we're still deeply messed up.)
See! No monster-y black veins on us! We’re fine! (Except for all the ways we’re still deeply messed up.)

Dean and Sam

“We can’t keep making the same mistakes!”

“We have to do things differently!”

“We have to be honest with each other!”

“We have to split up!”

It seems like the Winchesters have been saying variations on these lines since Dean sold his soul to resurrect Sam in season two. But they always make the same mistakes, they never do things differently, and secrets and lies pervade their entire relationship. It’s getting old. Wait, no. It’s just old.


Cas, you can’t be all “Brothers and sisters, I’ll accept your punishment for breaking the world (AGAIN) if you help me out of this jam!” and then be all “Wait, why are you punishing me?” HOWEVER, I suspect those angels who have him now aren’t as bad as they seem. Tying up the guy who’s been hexed into killing everything that comes near him just seems prudent.

Also, somebody needs to GIF that scene of Cas running through the woods with his arms flailing all around while being shot at.

The Darkness/Amara

Here’s what I’m thinking: The zombie effect going through that town was just a side-effect of The Darkness being released. Once Sam is cured, it’s a plot that’s going to be dropped almost like it never was. Except there’s a survivor baby named Amara who also appears to be The Darkness personified. Except cute. Because she’s a baby. Who apparently Dean is bound to and will protect above all else, even if he doesn’t realize why. I like the idea of Dean caring for a baby, but I still suspect that kid is on its way to the Jody Mills House of Forgotten (Until Convenient) Characters.

I have other thoughts on The Darkness being used as a villain, but I think I’m going to save them for later into the season and maybe a post of its own.

Other Things

Hi, I'm Adam. You might remember me. I'm your brother. The one trapped in Hell. For five years.
Hi, I’m Adam. You might remember me. I’m your brother. The one trapped in Hell. For five years.

I adore that Michael and Lucifer got a mention. I really hope we get to see them this season. Or maybe just Michael, because 1) It’s about time Sam and Dean remembered they have a half-brother possessed by an archangel and trapped in Hell, and 2) I can’t imagine anyone else being Lucifer as wonderfully as Mark Pellegrino or as adequately as Jared Padalecki.


So far, 2 of of my 15 predictions seem like they could be heading toward accurate:

11. Sam and Dean will of course play a big role and do other things, but sadly they will probably be the least interesting, most done-before things of the season.
I mean, see the whole top of this post.

12. Rowena will be largely insignificant.
Mentioned, but mostly just as an explanation for Cas’ behavior. Certainly not treated as someone who must be found right now.

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