What’s your favorite scary movie?

Partly in honor of Wes Craven and partly because if I don’t start now, this will be a ridiculously small  event, I’m going to expand my annual “Month of Scary and/or ‘Scary’ Movies” to include September as well as October. I’m compiling a list of what to watch, and suggestions are open.

Devour (starring Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame) and The Woman in Black have been sitting around since LAST October (you’re welcome, Netflix, I hope you’ve enjoyed my money), so I’m definitely watching them and following up with Near Dark, a 1987 vampire movie starring Adrian Pasdar, who can thank the Heroes rewatch for my new renewed interest, and Jaws: The Revenge, which will finish out that franchise.

Then, if there’s time and no other suggestions supersede them on my interest radar, I’ll do all four Scream movies. (Also: Should I be watching MTV’s Scream series?)

But hit me with your best recs, because my list of movies watched this year is depressingly low so far, and I’d like to boost it up. To help with the advising, here’s a list of some things I haven’t liked and some things I have. Yes, I’m aware this is the point at which many will be tempted to mock my lack of taste.

Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2
Cabin in the Woods
The Exorcist

Scream franchise
Jaws franchise, because even in bad 3D, sharks are terrifying. Also, Deep Blue Sea
Fright Night (original and remake)
Terminator 1-2 (I liked 5, but it wasn’t scary)
The Lost Boys
Silver Bullet
The Watchers
The Fly
Dog Soldiers
Stephen King’s IT
Shaun of the Dead (definitely falling under “scary” movie category, if IRC)
The Haunting
The House on Haunted Hill (somebody has to like these two, right?)
13 Ghosts
The Mothman Prophecies
Ghost Ship

So, what should I be watching?

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2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite scary movie?

  1. Ghost Ship, definitely. I love that movie. What about Polterigeist? There’s a remake as well – which I had tons of problems with, but which I didn’t find completely horrible. The Orphan is a weird one as well. Technically a horror film, but it’s just so odd and kind of terrible that comes off like a comedy at times.

    What about some Guillermo Del Toro films like The Devil’s Backbone?

    • The thing that really made Ghost Ship, I think was the anachronistic music. It’s a good movie, either way, but the music sold it. (Also that’s a big part of why I like A Knight’s Tale.) I’ve never seen any of the Poltergeist movies. That seems like something I should probably rectify. As for Guillermo Tel Toro…I’ve only seen Mimic (a long time ago, but which I remember liking). Hellboy’s been in my queue for ages though.

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