Heroes and future stuff

I surprised myself Wednesday, by watching an episode of Heroes…and then watching 9 over the next two days. I was mildly interested in watching its sequel series, Heroes Reborn, which premieres Sept. 24, but now I really am. We’ll see if that interest makes it through what’s shaping up to be a classic binge-watch.

I had forgotten just how much I liked season one. It’s just so good and so serial that it’s easy to just let Netflix carry on to the next episode. Of course, I probably forgot how much liked season one, because I definitely remember being very hot and cold over season two, and didn’t make it through the premiere of season three. We’ll see if this time around I have more patience for Nathan’s personal crisis and bad facial hair. (I’m actually really enjoying Nathan this time around, so maybe I will.)

I’ve got a couple things to hurry up and get through, though: While I slogged through what actually wasn’t a bad season at all of Castle for the better part of the summer, I still have barely seen any of the past season of Once Upon A Time (premiering Sept. 27). I sort of half-listened at work a little bit (have I mentioned how much I love my job?), but the last full episode I saw and felt like I had a solid clue what was going on, Hook was ineffectually pawing at an ice wall trying to save Emma. And then I guess there’s the one where Emma’s afraid she’ll hurt everybody and Snow is horrified by her. But those are pretty early, so I have a lot of catching up to if I’m going to make real sense of all the promo stuff I’m seeing now.

But the binge-from-the-beginning is off. Mostly because I just can’t bring myself to care about season one. And I seem to have been taken in by Hawaii Five-0, which has been eating some of my time. I won’t be catching up on that in time for the new season, though.

And I have a lot to do. Upcoming posts (probably): Castle and my strange relationship with that show, Teen Wolf, which continues to be a giant disappointment; and a very late look my schedule of Fall TV. That will probably come first, as Fall is fast approaching.

See you then.

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