Movie Fights: Star Trek versus Star Wars

Screen Junkies did their Movie Fights show from Comic-Con last week, and the format was different, with each fighter given a specific side to argue. That’s not as interesting to me (as a fight-from-home player, at least), so I wasn’t going to do my own post. But one moment stood out to me, so I thought I’d mention it.

In Round 2, the question was “Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?” Jeremy Jahns, fighting on the side of Star Wars said:

“The good thing about the prequels…they’re so separated, You don’t have to look at the prequels if you look at Star Wars. Star Trek, every other movie is not good. So it’s interwoven into it … you have to count them..You have to count the shit with the good. Star Wars, you don’t have count the shit. you can just count the good.”

Shortly after making that argument, the logic of it was called out, and sadly, Jahns didn’t really have an answer, and it kind of looked like he was admitting pulling that answer out of the air. But I get it!

Jahns is right. If you hate the prequel trilogy, the original trilogy can stand on its own. How do we know? It did it for 16 years. The prequels are optional. Star Trek? Say you believe that the odd-numbered movies are bad and the even-numbered movies are good.

What happens if you cut out Star Trek III: The Search for Spock? Spoiler alert: An entire character is randomly alive after dying from radiation poisoning and being jettisoned into space! The Enterprise is nowhere to be found, and the crew is riding around in a Klingon Bird of Prey! You can’t go from Wrath of Khan to Voyage Home and make any real sense of it if you haven’t seen Search for Spock or had it explained beforehand.

What happens if you don’t watch the prequels? You miss out on some back story. Now, did we all at one point think that back story would be kind of cool to have? You bet. Was it? Not really. Is it required viewing? No.

Look, I’m Switzerland on the whole Star Wars/Star Trek thing (though I’ve typically been far more invested in Star Wars), I just recognize a good argument when I see it. Usually.

You can watch the video and see who you side with on this fight and many others here.

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One thought on “Movie Fights: Star Trek versus Star Wars

  1. It’s an interesting argument for sure. I love the prequels, but if I didn’t, I can see how the separated nature of them would help. And with Star Trek III, I agree that you can’t proceed to IV comfortably without it. BUT you *can* skip TMP, V, and any of the TNG movies you wish. And I’d have to revisit the dialogue from IV, but it’s possible that the captain’s log from the opening of the film bridges the gap (and they do address Spock’s reincarnation in dialog).

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