All I want from Teen Wolf

Season Five of Teen Wolf premieres June 29 on MTV, and while it’s a reasonably safe bet that I’ll enjoy it, I’ve also (almost) come to accept that it probably won’t give me what I want. What’s that? Aside from a beautiful union for Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski, only what it promised two years ago and alluded to once last year before not following up on it at all. Take a look at this teaser for season 3A:

It wasn’t long at all before MTV pretty much completely spoiled that Scott was going to become an alpha werewolf, and based on that teaser, I was all geared up for a season of him battling his inner beast while also dealing with the unlikely pack of alphas that made its way to Beacon Hills. Instead we got a mysterious villain, a new player with ulterior motives and a magic tree, and the aforementioned alpha pack trying to force Derek into its ranks. And it wasn’t bad. There were some really good episodes, and I do really like all the characters, but…it wasn’t what I was expecting. But given that Scott didn’t rise to alpha status until the finale, that was understandable.

So I waited.

Then 3B happened, and the only battling Scott did with his beast was trying to wake it the hell up as he spent 3/4 of his time being one of the most ineffectual alphas ever, second perhaps only to Derek, who fandom frequently referred to as the failwolf. (True story: I almost made a post pondering who fails more often: Derek on Teen Wolf or Castiel on Supernatural.)

But it was a Stiles-centric season, it introduced new mythology in interesting ways, and it, too, wasn’t bad. In fact, in some regards, it was really good. It just wasn’t what I wanted.

So I waited.

And then season four was kind of hot mess. There were too many mysteries with not-really-satisfying, kind of contrived resolutions, too many one-off villains (that showed more promise than the season-long big bads), and the bungled introduction of berserkers, who were billed as these monstrous fighting machines for which the only smart move is to run, but then they were really just these big lumbering hulks who weren’t that fast and made our heroes look kind of dumb.


Because this is  a Teen Wolf berserker.

You might take a look at that nice exposed underbelly and think “gee, maybe the guy who deals in weaponry could shoot at that belly, or the person with a sword could stab it or the werewolves could maybe use their claws on that obviously vulnerable spot instead of the apparently impenetrable bone chest armor.” But apparently they could not.

But it wasn’t all for naught. Because I still like the characters, and I can deal with a lot of undercooked, mangled story when the characters and their actors are good.

And there were three scenes over 13 episodes that hinted to what the 3A promo promised: 1. Scott has dreams of killing Liam, the beta he *accidentally* created. Sadly, those go largely nowhere. 2. He almost gets a little dangerous on a guy trying to light him on fire, but Derek shows up before anything happens.

And then we got this scene (which is pretty violent, if that bothers you):

We’re so close! Scott goes into a rage (though not a very effective one; seriously, that guy should be dead) and he begins to shift from his usual werewolf game-face to something that’s somewhere in between the super creepy season one wolf monster and the ridiculousness that was Deucalion all “DEMON WOOOOOOLFF!!!”-ed out in 3A. And there just has to be more to it than that.

Come on, Teen Wolf. I’m waiting.

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