Supernatural Season 11 Predictions: This is the end

I’ve got many episodes of three shows  (Castle, Gotham and Grimm) before I’m finished with the 2014-15 TV season, but before I continue delaying them and  plunk a chunk of time into finishing one of my long-ignored posts, I thought I’d get something easy out of the way. So here’s what I think we’ll see in Supernatural’s 11th season this fall.  (Truth: Some of these will ideas probably make my 2015 NaNoWriMo story, which is about 90 percent of why I’m doing this post. In case I’m right, you know.)

1. This will be the last season.

2. We’ll see at least five characters (other than Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley) from previous seasons.

3. Charlie will somehow reappear.

4. We’ll also see Lisa and/or Ben.

5. John Winchester and/or Bobby

6. Jody Mills (who will not die…unless everybody dies).

I guess wandering around in bathrobe *is* a pretty good metaphor for what  God's been up to on this show, so...
I guess wandering around in bathrobe *is* a pretty good metaphor for what God’s been up to on this show, so…

7. God will appear in the form of Chuck (Rob Benedict). I don’t really like the Chuck as God idea and generally reject “but so-and-so said in an interview!” as canon, but I do like Rob Benedict. So I’ll just roll with it, I guess.

8. Castiel will spend at least 5 episodes being super angelic as he distances himself from the Winchesters after realizing that if it weren’t for his lingering humanity spurring a desire to save Dean at any cost, the Genesis-era “Darkness” would not have been released.

9. God will make Cas an archangel who will lead a new army of archangels in a battle against The Darkness.

10. Crowley and his demon army might help. Enemy of my enemy, and all.

11. Sam and Dean will of course play a big role and do other things, but sadly they will probably be the least interesting, most done-before things of the season.

12. Rowena will be largely insignificant.

13. Metatron will play a significant role, either as Darkness personified or as a string-puller.

14. Cas will ultimately give up his grace and become human, probably in some manner that saves Sam or Dean (but let’s be real, probably Dean).

15. In the end, the gates to Heaven and Hell will be closed (with maybe a few angels and demons on the ground for random miracles and mischief), with our heroes just left to mop up, lock up, and leave the keys with the fans.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know. And while you’re thinking about it, mull over Hillywood’s season 10 parody video. It’s really great:


10 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 11 Predictions: This is the end

  1. Reblogged this on No One Would Write For Less and commented:
    Interesting ideas, but I have a hard time believing it will actually be the last season. If only because the show has gained in popularity and they have to be making a killing from the show. Should it end? Maybe, unless the writers have fresh ideas for a storyline that stretches across seasons like we saw in the beginning episodes – especially seasons 4 and 5. It’ll break my heart when it does actually end. However, all good things must come to and end or risk becoming the thing you despise.

    • That’s true. If they spread a wrap-up of Regina and Crowley as well as dealing with The Darkness over two years, I could see it going to a 12th season. But in general, I’m just not sure what you follow The Dark That Existed Before Anything Else with, short of a “reboot” that shifts the story onto new characters that go back to basics. But even that has massive potential to feel like a rehash. — Not that rehashing things is anything Supernatural has ever shied away from! 🙂

  2. How is Chuck being God NOT canon?lol u obviously don’t know jack shit about Supernatural. Not only has “Chuck” been CONFIRMED as God, he has since reappeared after disappearing into a white flash at the end of Season 5. Not to mention the fact that he OBVIOUSLY had characteristics that Kevin(the only real prophet in the show) did NOT have, like the “arch angel on his shoulder”, which was ALSO CONFIRMED to actually be Chuck.

    • Kripke has said Chuck is god, but actual “Chuck is god” confirmation has never been given on the show. His disappearance can also be explained by the actual religious concept that prophets proceed straight to Heaven when their job is done. His reappearance in Fan Fiction has never been explained in the show, which is where canon comes from. So, Chuck being god may be a logical assumption, it’s not a forgone truth of the show as presented.

      But by all means, continue to insult me, if you wish. Just don’t expect a reply to it.

  3. I think differently than a lot of people. I think this show is going to last many more years! I do think there is a formula used for the show but it works- after 9 seasons enough of the fans videotaped themselves watching dean turn into a demon that a video was put together watching fans watch the show, And honestly I even yelled at the tv when dean told Sammy to close his eyes and started to swing In the season finale. So I think this show is not that bad. Sure some things are predictable; but fun, witty predictable. The show does its job and makes me forget about real life for 45 mins. New fans are finding the show so now you have many different ages watching. And SPN is so smart that they do conventions…I say, watch out Disney you aren’t the only ones with smart marketing techniques! My prediction: SPN will be on the air at least another 5 years… Possibly 10.

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