My finales did dumb things, how about yours?

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that about 10 minutes after expressing my general approval of the Grimm season 3 finale (despite a development that I will not be in favor of, if it results in a certain somebody dying), I realized something.

All the finales and penultimate episodes I’ve seen over the past few weeks have shared two common threads: Somebody did something stupid, and something bad happened. Not necessarily in that order. And while that doesn’t always result in a bad episode, it’s my least favorite way for stories to progress.

Let’s break it down by show. Spoilers, obviously:

Smoldering eyes and fancy clothes notwithstanding, how is it that being in love makes Pirate Pretty so very dull?
Smoldering eyes and fancy clothes notwithstanding, how is it that being in love makes Pirate Pretty so very dull?

Once Upon A Time: Emma and Hook find themselves in season 1-era Fairytale Land, just in time for Emma to disrupt the meeting of her parents. After learning just how bad it is to meddle with the past, she gets tossed into jail…and proceeds to meddle with the past some more by freeing someone who was slated to die and bringing her back to the future. That someone?  Marian, wife of Robin Hood. You know Robin Hood: the One True Love of Regina, the former Evil Queen, who probably won’t need much for a relapse.

Castle: Castle and Beckett were engaged for the entire season, but waited until two days before the wedding to get their marriage license, which is of course, when they find out that Beckett got married at a Vegas drive-through when she was 18 and forgot about it. Oops. So she goes off to find her husband and get him to sign some divorce papers. He’s caught up in some shady dealings and says he won’t sign the papers until she helps him out of them. After giving her the run-around a couple times, he ends up captured and tied up in a barn surrounded by large men with high-powered weaponry. They get a chance to rescue him, but rather than untie him and run away, Beckett finds this to be a fine time to force his hand on the divorce papers…right up to the point the bad guys show back up. They do still all get away, but it’s a good bet those bad guys played a role in Castle’s fiery car crash “death.” I say “death,” because unless they’re retooling the show around his college-aged daughter, it seems unlikely Castle is being killed off.

Renard, Juliette and Trubel. So many bad decisions, so little time.
Renard, Juliette and Trubel. So many bad decisions, so little time.

Grimm: Perhaps the worst offender:
1. You’re Captain Renard, and you live in a world where magic potions are a thing and a woman who knows how to wield them holds a grudge against you (BECAUSE YOU STOLE HER BABY AND GAVE IT TO SOMEBODY ELSE), and you caught her trying to steal personal items from Juliette. When you confront Juliette about an inappropriate visit to your house, and she says she was never there, do you A: Assume something fishy is going on and investigate; or B: Treat Juliette like a lying liar until she hangs up on you.
 2. You’re Juliette, and your supernatural boyfriend tells you he was at home having sexy fun times with you. You say you were not there. Do you both A: Realize something is very wrong; or B: Pout and be surly.
   3. You’re Trubel. You’ve been given a potion in a glass bottle and told it’s vitally important that your only friend drink what is inside. The person who gave it to you is shot in the chest and his shooter then tries to eat your face. Your friend is performing Best Man duties at a wedding that you know you’re going to interrupt anyway. Do you A: Run up the aisle, apologizing as you go, and say “Oh my god, drink this now.” or B: Stand at the back of the lodge and yell at him until you’re tackled to the ground and the bottle breaks.

These are not A students on Grimm. Also:
       4. They stole Adalind’s baby a couple episodes prior. Who does that? Seriously, what good guys do that?

Arrow (season one): I mentioned both of these in my Arrow post, but the worst offender is Oliver himself who, practically immediately after telling Tommy to work things out with Laurel, realizes he might be able to save the day, stop being a vigilante and then be with Laurel himself. And then proceeds to go sex her up right in front of a giant window. But apparently it’ll all work out. Thanks to the saddest moment EVER. Also, way to get caught, super-sleuth hacker Felicity Smoak.

Supernatural (season eight): The boys have an awfully bad habit of turning their backs on bad guys. And Cas, the failing-est angel to ever fail really should start trusting Sam and Dean. (And now I’m starting to wonder who is more full of fail: Castiel on Supernatural or Derek on Teen Wolf? Feel free to weigh in in the comments.)

And yet, for all the stupid, I can’t wait for the next seasons.

I may write long, but I can write small, too. If, by chance, you’re not following me on Twitter @The LTtweet, you’re missing not only new post updates but also smaller thoughts and retweets on fannish things.

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