2013 Media in Review

It’s that time of year again: the time where I look at the list of the media I’ve consumed over the previous 364 days and say “Oh. So that’s where all my time went.” Parts of this year were unsurprising. Summer 2007 notwithstanding, I typically watch about four or five movies at the theater a year, and this year was no different. And sadly, my trend of reading far fewer books than I used to is continuing. And in fact this year, it’s downright sad.  Surprising, however, was the severe hit my movies on DVD and streaming took. I didn’t even average out to one a week this year. But, as will soon be revealed, there’s a good (I guess?) reason for that

1. A Good Day to Die Hard: Absolutely ridiculous, but kind of fun.
2. Oz the Great and Powerful: Absolutely nothing earth-shattering and weighed down by conspicuously absent ruby slippers.
3. Iron Man 3: Better than Iron Man 2, and actually pretty good in its own right, but I kind of feel like Iron Man has carried all the solo movies he’s going to carry — and not just because Robert Downey, Jr. seems to agree.
4. Star Trek: Into Darkness: I don’t care about the gratuitous nudity, or the predictability, or even That Spock Moment, I enjoyed this. It caught a lot of flack for the above reasons and then some, but if you compare it only to the first JJ Abrams Star Trek film, it’s a good followup.  As much as I love Leonard Nimoy though, I kind of hope they stop going back to the Old Spock well in the next one. It’s kind of tired, but also a reminder that this is not my daddy’s Star Trek.

1. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You by Matthew Inman (theoatmeal): Yes, this book of cartoons is the only book I read this year. Well, it’s the only book I completed. I almost go there with The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, and I’m certainly going to finish it (holy creep-factor, Batman), but I didn’t finish it before today, and I don’t forsee finishing it before bed, so it doesn’t count for this year.

This is the category that usurped my movie watching. Don’t add up the hours. Please.
Smallville season 3: Hutch is having a Smallville convention in June, and maybe by then I will have slogged my way through the season of magic stones and witchy Lana, otherwise known as season 4.
Friday Night Lights season 1-5 (COMPLETE): This was a new series for me. I really didn’t like the movie the first time I saw it, so I never bothered to watch the show until now, but wow, did I love it. There was usually a pretty hefty adjusting period between seasons, a fact that wasn’t helped by the 2007 writer’s strike, and I’m not a huge fan of this season 4, either, but there was a special something that made this show about a west Texas football coach and his team just WORK.

Teen Wolf season 1: I love season one, and I was going to rewatch it and season 2 in time for season 3’s premiere, but instead I watched the following.

Arrested Development season 1-3: I sped through these in a little over a month in April/May so I could watch the premiere of season 4 on Netflix. These were good. Season 4 was so very not.

The West Wing season 1-4: Fictional politics! About issues we can STILL relate to, even though it’s been off the air for seven years. Seasons 1, 2 and 4 are up there in my list of favorites. I’m stalled out on five, though.

Whitechapel season 2: UK crime show that, like Sherlock, is more like a miniseries of movies. Very good.

Supernatural season 1: Because why not. I realized recently that I have now not seen more SPN than I have seen, and that just won’t do. Because it’s not like I stopped watching because I didn’t like it. It was because cable was too expensive and the CW had a crappy website. Cable’s more expensive now (and I think is about to go the way of the dinosaur in my house), but starting over puts me so far behind that by the time I’m caught up, the current season should be on Netflix.

Chuck season 1: Still haven’t seen season 5 (cable, again), and now that it’s streaming, I really wanted to. I’m much more fond of season 1 than I remember being when it originally aired (where I took a break from midseason 1 to midseason 2 without feeling like I missed anything). I think this is definitely a show where I’m going to invest in the DVDs, which include a ton of webisodes and other things. I’m currently 8 episodes away from being done with season 2. I probably *could* get it done in time to count it here, but really? That’s just not necessary.

This is long enough as it is, so the list of movies and all the nerdy math that goes along with them will be up tomorrow.

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