…Fall TV is disappointing me.

You might remember from my preview post, Fall TV is Almost Here! that the 2013-14 included an enormous list of new things to try out. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Do - do - do - do you have it? GUTS!
Do – do – do – do you have it? GUTS!

Most of my disappointment is for shows I just can’t seem to care about, but I think I’ll probably be Forever Bitter that NBC canceled Welcome to the Family after three episodes. Seriously, I will never understand how the network of Seinfeld, which took four seasons to just barely crack the top 25, can be so quick to cut. And this is not just because I’ve been a Mike O’Malley fan since the days of GUTS on Nickelodeon (though, I have been, and GUTS is awesome). I think Welcome to the family walked a super-fine line between the clean-cut family feel of The Michael J. Fox Show and the cruder Chuck Lorre factory newcomer Mom.

wonderAnd from there we get to the shows I thought I’d watch but completely lost interest between the time I posted and the time they aired. The most notable on the list is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Romance is just about the least interesting thing to me, and sure, Wonderland makes it look like Alice might be kind of badass, but all her badassery seems predicated on Getting Her Man Back, and I just don’t care. And I think for a little while the promos of Alice questioning her sanity and strutting through Wonderland made me forget that. I also cut The Millers, site unseen, and while I meant to watch Ironside, it got the ax before I ever actually did. Thanks again, NBC!

Of everything else on my list, the only shows that manage to be appointment viewing for me are prior season holdovers Castle, Once Upon A Time (and really, the evolution of my feelings on that show deserves its own post), Modern Family and The Middle. For some of that, I blame my cable company. For instance, I really enjoyed the first few episodes of Sleepy Hollow, but my signal keeps cutting out to the point that trying to watch it when I get home from work is oftentimes fruitless. So, I stopped doing that, but for some reason have not been bothered to catch up online. Mom, Trophy Wife, The Crazy Ones and Brooklyn Nine-Nine occupy similar spaces on my interest list. And I also liked the first episode of The Tomorrow People, but I guess these days The CW is so far off my radar that I just forget about it.

And from there we slide into a sea of varying degrees of indifference. I like Agents of SHIELD, but it hasn’t really grabbed me yet, and I’ve fallen a few episodes behind. The Michael J. Fox Show is kind of bland comfort food. I generally feel good watching it, but forget it the second its over. Dads just wasn’t good enough to care about, and Sean Saves the World feels like it belongs in 1998. And I keep forgetting Back in the Game exists until I happen to catch the tag when I turn on Modern Family.

So, there you have it. I’ve been following Zap2It’s cancellation predictions (@TheCancelBear), and it looks like some of the other shows I like are likely on their way out. And despite that, I feel good today. Do you know why?


And January will bring Sherlock and Teen Wolf back to my TV. So there’s enough good stuff going around and upcoming to make me not care too much about a handful of sitcoms I only sort of watch.

I’m going to try update this blog more frequently, but in the interim, you can always follow my small thoughts on Twitter @TheLTtweet.


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