OUAT are you doing to me, show?

Just when my interest begins to wane (again) on Once Upon A Time, an episode like Sunday’s pulls me back in. It was pretty predictable (as, I’m relatively certain, will be the “surprise” in next week’s episode), but I pretty  much loved it enough that I  may actually watch it again now that I can give it my full attention. There are spoilers for the episode and speculation based on next week’s promo here. That is your only warning.

This episode brings Anton the giant back.  Cora’s made him small (human-sized, I think, but I was mostly only listening during these parts) and brought him to Storybrooke to grow magic beans, where he goes a little crazy at the sight of Charming and tries to kill him. Because of course he was the littlest giant of all his kingdom who loves all things human. He’s like The Little Mermaid of giants, complete with a Triton-esque “Humans are evil!” daddy.

And of course Anton sneaks down to the humans, befriends a few who betray him, and brings ruin to the kingdom. And of course, one of those humans is Prince James — the other a female Jack, and, by the way I’m cautiously optimistic for “Jack the Giant Slayer,” though I won’t be seeing it in theaters. And of course, once in Storybrooke, he thinks David is James and havoc almost ensues. And of course, everything turns out all right. But it was kind of fun, and sort of heartwarming — and Grumpy’s grumpiness over Charming’s multiple names was amusing. As was the idea of the ex-giant and the dwarves all becoming a little team of awesomeness.

And really, Charming is starting to grow on me. I can’t say the same for Snow. It’s like, she’s *trying* to return to her former glory — even sans pink cardigan — but all I hear is “blah blah Emma! Blah blah Henry! We’re a family! LEAVE BRITNEY MY HUSBAND ALONE!” and it’s a far cry from the feisty Snow we met in a forest who gave no end of shit to the Richie Rich Prince who stumbled upon her.

I almost think it would help if she kept the cardigan. Because even how she is now is more impressive than how she was as Mary Margaret. And — as I mentioned in a previous post during an episode when 80 percent of the show’s women were running around in Fairytale Land getting stuff done — why CAN’T she be awesome in a pink cardigan? I give the cardigan a lot of crap because I associate it so much with Mary Margaret, but on the face of it, there’s nothing *wrong* with a pink cardigan (aside from it’s cottony inability to protect one from injury in battles). And if a character is going to be as charisma-sucking as Snow has become, she needs something to add a little color.

But other things happened in this episode. Namely, Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry went road tripping to find Gold’s son. Let me say that again:

Gold, Emma and Henry went road-tripping (technically, air-tripping, I suppose). That could just be the show, and I’d watch it — and I have no love for Henry. I don’t know, I suppose “Gold goes berserk at all the crazy normals and their customs while Emma puts out the flames” would get old after a while, maybe even fairly quickly, but for now I’m just going to laugh at

goldcaneIRRITATED MAN AT AIRPORT: Have you ever been been on a plane before?

GOLD: Have you ever been impaled upon a  cane before?!!

EMMA: *mental OMG, what the hell did I get myself into?* My…father…is a little nervous. We’re headed to a family reunion.

GOLD: Father?

HENRY: Guys! There’s a Cinnabons here!


I take it back. I love Henry. Which brings me to some speculation on the next episode. If the promo is to be believed, we’re going to meet Gold’s son, and Emma is going to shockedly stare at somebody as if they are familiar. My bet: Gold’s son in Henry’s father.

GRANDPA RUMPLESTILTSKIN?! I’m in, and will be eternally disappointed if this doesn’t happen.


9 thoughts on “OUAT are you doing to me, show?

  1. In the promo, you can hear Emma say “Neal” when she shockingly looks up at who is probably Gold’s son, and that is the name of Henry’s father, so you are probably right. I’ve been expecting he would be since the season premiere, but it’ll be fun to see Henry’s reaction when he realizes that Gold is his grandfather… not to mention, Snow, Charming and Regina.

  2. Oh, that makes me so happy. I thought she said “You,” but even if I heard correctly…I know I didn’t remember his name — though I still probably would have come to the same conclusion. 🙂

  3. I laughed super hard at your rundown of Gold/ Emma/ Henry’s road trip. Also, totally agree that Snow is obnoxious right now (always??) and OMG THE GIANT IS TOTALLY THE LITTLE MERMAID. Good call. This show is so Disney it’s not even funny. And I, like, breathe Disney World, but I also think this show thinks Americans are really illiterate and have no idea that Disney movies do not automatically equal fairy tales.
    In that way, this show is pretty much correct.

    And the title to this post is genius.

    • Heh. I laughed super-hard at that scene, too. I liked all the checkpoint stuff anyway, but Henry’s oblivious Cinnabons glee was just the thing that pushed it over into amazing.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I’m impressed that you can actually tolerate Charming and Snow! It was easier to do in the beginning of the series as they were all separated…hence there was no
    “Charming!…” Snow!” exclaiming every couple of lines but it’s just getting ridiculous now…

    I love, LOVE this show but something needs to be done about the duos whining.

    What a wonderful treat Jorge Garcia was, he was the best part of the episode and an I just say…not enough Queen?


    • Yeah, I was pretty much right there with Regina a couple episodes ago when she referred to the four of them as “Henry, Emma and the two idiots.” I think it’s less that Charming is becoming more tolerable (though he is a little, I think) and more that Snow is just so irritating that he seems better by comparison.

      And really, it disappoints me that either of them should be so blah.
      Thanks for the comment!

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