Let’s Watch TV: Dec. 2-8

So, I’ve decided to start a weekly post devoted to general TV chatter in the comments. Looking for a place to talk about your favorite shows? This just might be it. There are only a handful of rules:

1. Name your fandom. Are you talking about the latest Once Upon A Time? Castle? Community? Maybe the Journeyman pilot (be still, my heart)? Start your comment with the ALL CAPS title of your show (episode is helpful, but not required). If you’re replying to somebody’s comment (not the LWT post itself), you probably don’t need the label.

2. No liveblogging. If you want to liveblog on your own and then post all your livebloggy thoughts in one comment, that’s fine, but save it for the end of whatever you’re watching, rather than as 100 one-liner comments that nobody else will understand.

3. Understand the following spoiler policy. Don’t give away things you have learned about episodes that haven’t aired yet. Conversely, recognize if an episode has aired but you haven’t watched it yet, you might be spoiled if you peruse the comments.

4. Don’t be a jerk to other commenters. I really hope this needs no explanation.

I expect this to be a pretty lonely series of posts for a while, mainly because I don’t have a lot of traffic and also because shows are winding down for the winter, but you never know.

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