Toby and Josh speak for me tonight

5 Nov

As my state re-elects three horrible people, this is how I feel:

angry ww gif

Source: The West Wing, 4.01: 20 Hours in America, Part 1

The context may be different, but I don’t even care. Have the video, too:

I think I’ve seen my new favorite show

7 Oct

Is it too early to call Gotham as best show of the season? Because, barring The Flash or season 10 of Supernatural being absolutely amazing, it’s certainly shaping up that way for me.

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Premiere week is almost here….

14 Sep

With so many new shows premiering soon (and some not for a frustratingly long time), I’ve updated the list of Fall TV that caught my eye. You can check it out here.

While I hate the long wait on Grimm and Constantine, I’m a little hopeful that Supernatural and Arrow don’t start up until mid October. Because, I’m not saying I’m going to binge on seaason nine and two, respectively, once they hit Netflix…but I’m probably going to end up doing that. And the more time between the past season availability date and the current season premiere date, the fewer episodes will have passed by the time I’m current. I figure, if I can start no more than four episodes behind, I’ll try to catch up/keep up live.

Rewatch news

I’m about five years behind on Criminal Minds, but now that it’s streaming, I decided to start a re/watch. I’d only ever seen a handful of season one episodes anyway. Just starting the aftermath of the Tobias Hankel episodes in season two.

The Smallville rewatch is still lagging. I started a post after season four, but it’s hard writing about the tangled mess that is the Luthor family. I’m partway through season five, but endeavoring not to watch anymore until the season four post is done. Which means I’m not actually watching it, I’m just letting it eat two spaces in my DVD queue. Along with some Chris Pine rom com (Blind Date) that I’m also not watching, because OMG TV is my life right now, apparently.

I don’t share the Days of Future Past love…but it sure was a blast

13 Jun

I need to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past again. I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as, oh, pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to whose seen it. I think part of the problem is that I really should have spent the week prior rewatching X-Men 1-3, First Class, and maybe even the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Mainly because I couldn’t figure out where exactly in the Wolverine timeline that we know did the “past” part of this movie take place, and I probably spent more time thinking about that than just enjoying the ride. And it was quite the ride.

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The Twitter Collection

5 Jun

In keeping with my plan to do at least a weekly update but also recognizing that the things I’m working on need more time to simmer, I give you the inaugural Twitter Collection post. Part of my Twitter stream is devoted to post updates, but sometimes I just have small, random thoughts or things to share that just aren’t fitting (or just not quite ready) for a full blog post. So here are a few older things you missed if you’re not following @TheLTtweet (for newer things, just look to the right).

It's a good system.

It’s a good system.


The post for this movie is still getting more hits per month than anything else.

The post for this movie is still getting more hits per month than anything else.


I found this out while doing "research" for my "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" review.

I found this out while doing “research” for my Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter review.


Even when I get bored of Caskett and all the obstacles related to that 'ship, I never get bored of Ryan. Or Perlmutter, who should be on the show more often. (I was really tired of Ryan's floppy hair though. If you're not Hugh Grant, you probably can't do the floppy hair.)

Even when I get bored of Caskett and all the obstacles related to that ‘ship, I never get bored of Ryan. Or Perlmutter, who should be on the show more often. (I was really tired of Ryan’s floppy hair though. If you’re not Hugh Grant, you probably can’t do the floppy hair.)


It's such a good show. Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Ty Burrell, Fred Willard and Josh Gad all work at a TV news station.

It’s such a good show. Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Ty Burrell, Fred Willard and Josh Gad all work at a TV news station.


And sometimes I join the masses with a good retweet:


My finales did dumb things, how about yours?

29 May

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that about 10 minutes after expressing my general approval of the Grimm season 3 finale (despite a development that I will not be in favor of, if it results in a certain somebody dying), I realized something.

All the finales and penultimate episodes I’ve seen over the past few weeks have shared two common threads: Somebody did something stupid, and something bad happened. Not necessarily in that order. And while that doesn’t always result in a bad episode, it’s my least favorite way for stories to progress.

Let’s break it down by show. Spoilers, obviously:

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The Arrow season 1 finale was the best and the worst

27 May

While most Arrow watchers are probably dealing with whatever the season two finale brought, I’m over here reeling about the season one end. And yet, I’m also feeling exceedingly grateful it didn’t quite go the way I was expecting.
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Fall TV: Here we go again…

22 May

UPDATED: Adds premiere dates, Scorpion.

Last year I did this post much closer to the start of the fall TV season, but I’m trying to do a weekly post, and the other two posts I’ve got could use some time to simmer.  So here’s all the stuff that caught my interest from the network upfronts last week. Again, like last year, I’m sure it won’t all stick, but there are fewer shows I feel that way about.  All times are central time.
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Two peas in a very sad pod

15 May

I’ve been watching a lot of Arrow lately, and I just got to the episodes where Colton Haynes’ character Roy Harper is introduced. Now, I don’t really know anything about the Green Arrow mythology beyond what Smallville told me in its later seasons, so I don’t know if Roy is a canon comics character or a creation of this show. So consider this post to be entirely centered on what I’ve seen of season one and know about season two of Arrow, the CW TV series. And MTV’s Teen Wolf, because why not?
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All is revealed as the lights go out

29 Mar

Cable has become a costly nightmare, so I’m cutting the cord (again). In these final days before turning in my DVR, the mad dash to watch everything I care about has revealed some interesting things.

I love Teen Wolf
I just do, and you can judge all you want, because I don’t care.  For a soapy action/supernatural MTV show, it’s a lot of fun, still a little suspenseful, and surprisingly poignant. Sure, it has more loose threads than a broken loom and maybe gets a tiny bit less good with each season, but I’ll be disappointed to lose all 24 episodes of season 3 that I couldn’t bear to delete. Season 4 this June!

Trophy Wife is my second-favorite new show of the season
At first, I just liked having more Bradley Whitford on my TV, but honestly, this show about a thrice-married guy, his new younger wife, three kids and zany relationships with the exes just tickles my feel-good family funny-bone, even if it did take a massive build-up and binge-watch to realize. Sadly, The Cancelation Bear is also predicting its demise. I will not be a happy camper if this season eats Trophy Wife and The Crazy Ones.

Castle isn’t what it used to be
There was a time when, thanks to my wacky work schedule, I’d get home at 11:30 Monday night and immediately watch the Castle episode that aired a few hours earlier and then start my weekend. I don’t do that so much anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because the quality never quite came back from the lows of season four or it’s because of all the Teen Wolf I rushed home to watch instead, but I seemed to be perpetually three or four episodes behind this season. But once I start watching, I’m more than happy to be doing so! It’s kind of like get-togethers: I never really want to go until I get there.

Dads, Mom and Michael J. Fox just couldn’t cut it
Don’t get me wrong: I was also really happy to have Seth Green, Allison Janney and Michael J. Fox back on my TV in their respective shows, but there just wasn’t enough to care about here. I didn’t delete these shows unless I desperately needed space, but once I stopped watching them, I never picked them back up and probably won’t now. The Michael J. Fox Show already ate it (and for a while I wasn’t sure if it had been canceled or if I had just stopped recording it to save room for other things), the future looks grim for Dads, and Mom has already been renewed. Send some of that West Wing alum mojo Brad Whitford’s way, Allison!

Nothing escaped the occasional episode build-up, but sometimes it’s just because I was busy
I don’t really have anything bad to say about Grimm, The Middle, Modern Family, Raising Hope, The Americans or Ink Master. Well, Ink Master’s a trainwreck, but I can’t seem to stop watching it.  The rest are comfort shows well into their runs. (Except The Americans which is only in its second season, but I hope sticks around).

I will (probably) never watch Early Edition
Last year, I was introduced to Friday Night Lights and when I was done, decided I needed more Kyle Chandler in my life. Right about the time I was wishing for that, The TV Guide Channel started airing two back-to-back episodes of Early Edition five days a week, and I recorded almost all of them. It’s a fun show full of 90s nostalgia (a cat delivers tomorrow’s newspaper today to a guy who then stops all the bad things from happening while not giving up his secret paper), but it’s not so good for binge watching. I still have something like 15 episodes, and I’m not going to watch them. Maybe someday they’ll stream somewhere or all seasons will hit DVD. But until that day, goodbye “Gary, Gary Hobson.”

Some things just need picking up next season
I have no idea why I stopped watching Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I just did, and even though I still have them, I seriously doubt I’ll get through them before my time runs out.  But hopefully the stars will align, and they’ll all be streaming in time to get caught up  before next season (which will also be at the mercy of the streaming gods) gets too far under way. I’m hoping for the same thing with Agents of SHIELD, except I know exactly why I stopped watching (and recording) that: It just wasn’t that great. But on a whim, I thought I’d try to catch up on Hulu, and *just when it was starting to get good* I hit a block of missing episodes.

So there it is. That’s what the last two years of cable hath wrought for me. In related news, I’m also watching  Arrow for the first time and have just hit the last season I saw of Supernatural (season six) on Netflix, so I might try to get caught up for them, too. Arrow definitely, but maybe not Supernatural, especially since I hear it gets pretty bad.

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